Will Chameleone’s One Million Concert Flop?

Jose Chameleone

Like he used to say “No Million, No Chameleone,” the Badilisha singer is now putting his words into reality.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Uganda’s finest musician Jose Chameleone recently announced that One million shillings will be the entry fee at his upcoming concert dubbed The One man, one night, one show.

Jose Chameleone further made it clear that the show is not for anybody below affordance.

“The One man, one night, one show, is NOT for anybody below affordance. Honestly it’s for the loyal fans and the crowd that can’t come to the other usual venues,”

The entry fee which is seen as too much basing on the current economic crisis in the country remains a matter of controversy among his fans and sponsors.

“I like Chameleone’s music but sincerely how can i pay one million to see someone perform?  I would rather go watch his videos,” wondered one of Chameleone’s loyal fans.

Basing Chameleone’s statement that the concert is for loyal fans, who are his loyal fans? It is very clear that Chameleone’s music is highly liked  by average Ugandans who earn less than one million a month.

It still beats my understanding if an average Ugandan who has important things to take of will save all his monthly earnings to go watch Chameleone.

Getting back to the issue of catering for the crowds that don’t come to ‘usual venues’, which class of people doesn’t come to Lugogo Cricket Oval and Kyadondo Rugby grounds?

We have on several occasions seen big people in the country like the Vice President attend shows at Kyadondo Rugby grounds so which class of people is Chemeleone going to cater for? Maybe he is planning to invite angels from heaven and President Obama to attend his show.

Rumor has been spreading on social media like wild fire that Chameleone is been holding several meetings with concert organizers to review the entry fee since he has already realized that the concert may flop if it remains at one million.

Shs 100,000 has been proposed by several of his organizers but we cannot confirm if the self proclaimed singing doctor will accept.

The show will be held at Victoria Hall, Serena Hotel Kampala on December 19.

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7 thoughts on “Will Chameleone’s One Million Concert Flop?

  1. That will be a great reality check from Dr. Chameleone whose international shows flopped to a point of him performing at small joints in London. Good luck for him.

  2. That’s a very unrealistic price tag and unrealistic date who knows he will be there … live your dream but one day at a time Dr.

  3. Thats for the poor plan-less wage consumer. Or girlfriends with the planetary aim of entertaining their clueless lovers. Otherwise a sane man cannot be insane.

  4. Even if he reduced it to a quarter of a million, i can guarantee it would still flop. These musicians take their fans for granted. Let him try and burn his fingers so he learns the hard way. That arrogance is too much!

  5. lets give him a chance to live his dream and see what happens at the end of the day then he will stop taking his fans for granted.

    1. Word is all clear..stuff z for fans.haters banange……if any cnt afford ts no crime n cause to bubble all the way.evn if he gets 10 those will be the loyal fans he meant.he aint looking fr a ful house

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