VIDEO: Wink Bar Accused Of Torturing Five Clients

Security operatives at Wink Bar, located along Acacia Avenue is in the lime light after they allegedly tortured five girls who had turned up to have fun on Friday night.


After chasing justice in vain, Vanessah Lipswizy Solomon (Facebook name), a victim of the torment has brought to light what transpired, and how police denied them justice in a bid to demand for fairness.

Vanessah posted the ordeal of her Facebook timeline on Saturday 25th July, 2015. The lamentation is titled; “Brutalizing Women at Wink Bar Acacia Avenue”

“Five of my sisters and I decided to have a Girls Night out on a Friday Night in Kampala, we decided to try out the Wink Bar at Acacia Avenue.

Upon reaching there we all went through the normal security check and after some of us going through, one of our sisters was refused to enter.

We came back to inquire why she was refused to enter the bar and the security mentioned that she appeared younger than 18 years because she appears shorter and yet she’s above the 18 years and besides we were from another hangout around the area but there was not such claim.

Explaining to the security that our sister is above the 18yrs and trying to show them an ID they did not want to listen instead a boda boda guy on that stage got a branch from a tree around that area handed it to the security and they forcefully let us out beating the entire team, one by one.

One of the girls was really hurt on the arm, another on the thigh then the other on finger.

Besides the security had a gun and we were so scared to do anything.

Plus one of those other special security guys in black suits instead started laughing out loud at us.

We were so hurt and humiliated we decided to go to the nearby police on Acacia Avenue to make a report but we were directed to the Golf Course Police.

The Golf Course police directed us to Wandegeya Police, then Wandegeya Police directed us to Old Kira Road.

After all we made a statement and went with the police to The Wink.

For some unknown reasons the guy was not detained or arrested instead the management collaborating with the security decided to threaten us that they were going to call some CID officers to arrest and detain us.

After all said and done, where do people seek justice in this country especially the way the Management and security at Wink Bar Acacia taking the Law in their Hands and just walk away with it, is this the way they treat women at this bar?”

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