Witness: Kalungi Did Not Kill MP Nebanda

Former Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda

The hearing of the case in which six people are accused of causing the death of Butaleja District Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda continued on Wednesday. The fourth prosecution witness told court that Adam Kalungi, the ex-boyfriend and key suspect, did not cause her death as the state claims.

Mr Grace Kigenyi and a very close friend to Kalungi told court that the latter confided in him moments after the MP had been pronounced dead and that his narration did not point towards him taking part in her death.

He said he believed everything Kalungi told him as truth since he had never told him lies before.

Kigenyi added that he was sure Kalungi would have told the truth if he had killed the MP. He also fled the country because he was scared of being detained by the police for the crime he did not commit.

The witness made the confession during cross examination after one of the defense lawyers; Nsubuga Mubiru, asked him to confirm to court whether he believed the information Kalungi told him leading to the death of the MP.

Mr Kigenyi, a Jinja businessman and a former Wembly operative, in his testimony, focused on the events of the fateful night of December 14 last year when the MP met her death.

It was his evidence, he told court that Kalungi had informed him that during the day time of December 14 while he was in town, he received a call from the MP that she was unwell and that she was at his residence in Buziga, Kampala.

He said Kalungi immediately rushed home and indeed found the MP unwell.

Kalungi later told Kigenyi that he found the MP unwell with cocaine and heroin drugs on the table next to her. She had also opened a bottle of wine.

The witness further told court that Kalungi informed him that he then called a friend to help him take the MP to the nearby clinic where she got first aid before being referred to a bigger hospital opposite American Embassy in Nsambya for further management.

He said that Kalungi told him that moments later, the medics pronounced the legislator dead and that he took off and wanted to seek refuge in Jinja where he narrated to him what had exactly happened.

Mr Kigenyi also told court that he advised Kalungi to report the unfortunate happenings to the police but he declined fearing that the police would instead lock him up for the crime he had not committed.

He further told court that all what Kalungi wanted was to just cross the border and escape the long hand of the police despite persuading him to stay within the vicinity since escaping would raise suspicion.

Still before the same court, presiding Chief Magistrate declined to release Mr Kalungi on bail expressing fear that he would flee the country again just as he did moments after the death of the legislator.

Hearing of the matter will continue on May 6 to enable prosecution re-organise its witnesses after it made allegations that some of the defense lawyers had scared away their would-be witnesses.

Mr Adam Kalungi is jointly charged with five others; Mr Noor Abubakar, Mr  Khan Babu, Mr Abdul Abid Rashid Butt, Ms Fatuma Babu, and Mr Ali Omar Almuzahim in connection to the MP’s death.

They face charges of manslaughter, and two counts of being in possession of narcotic drugs contrary to the National Drug Policy and Authority Act.

According to the charge sheet, prosecution alleges that Mr Kalungi along with his five co-accused, on December, 14, last year in Buziga, Makindye Division in Kampala, unlawfully caused the death of MP Nebanda.  They deny the charges.

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