Women’s Day: Profiling the Most Succcceful Women in Uganda

Women’s Day: Profiling the Most Succcceful Women in Uganda

As women get to celebrate their National day on 8th March 2017, in Dokolo, Lira, today we profile to you some outstanding women in Uganda.

As it’s quoted that ask not what your country has given you but what you have offered to your country; as we look forward to celebrating international women’s day, I wish to draw your attention to vibrant women that have played an influential role in Uganda’s politics.

Today we look at the First Female Leader of Opposition in Parliament of Uganda. Rt Hon Winnie Kiiza also the Woman Member of Parliament for Kasese District.

For now, Uganda celebrates the first female leader of Opposition in the Parliament, a position that is challenging basing on the political environment of Uganda.

Winnie Kiiza started her leadership at grassroots level; serving through various positions at local government, championing the then Reform agenda and giving her first try as Kasese Woman MP in 2006, trouncing Hon.Biira Loyce Bwambale.

This verifies how daring, lucky and pro people Hon Winnie Kiiza is!!!!!!

During her first term in office, Winnie was appointed Deputy Opposition whip in parliament. And because of her steadfastness, Winnie kept on raising ranks to Opposition Chief Whip and now Leader of opposition.

It is important to note, that despite the setbacks opposition has suffered in Ruwenzori region, especially the defection of Opposition pioneers like Hon. Kibanzanga Christopher, the now state minister for Agriculture; Hon Winnie Kiiza in connection with FDC leadership in Ruwenzori have fought a serious successful battle in advocating for change in Ruwenzori region.

It’s on record that Kasese district is pro change and Winnie’s hand cannot be ignored.

Empowering women through self help projects, supporting sports and introducing an education scholarship scheme that has now groomed several children of Ruwenzori are one of the factors Hon Winnie Kiiza is a Ruwenzori darling and not about to quit.

Most importantly Hon Winnie Kiiza is symbolic of a voice of the common man and stands for a cause.

One would wonder who inspired a young village girl having a life in between the mountains of rebel conflict.

Hon Winnie Kiiza says whenever she looked at Hon. Miria Matembe and Hon.Winnie Byanyima; she wanted to be like them.

Hon Winnie Kiiza has tried to ease the bridge between her office and the people.

With her principle as; “United for a purpose,” Hon Winnie Kiiza believes the sky is the limit.

Ladies and gentlemen, join me to bask in the glory of this selfless super woman, a mother to you and I, a shield to the attacked, a comforter to those whose hope is at its least, a pure definition of fundamental change, a dream chaser and a voice you and I can count on!

Thank you honorable. Your efforts in bringing hope to Ugandans cannot be undermined.

Happy Women’s Day!!!!!! 8th March, 2017

Credit; Micheal Asiimwe Bwambale

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