Umeme has issued an apology after hundreds of power consumers across the country failed to load electricity because of a user token generation failure.

Yaka is a prepayment system provided by power distributors Umeme, which allows their clients to purchase and load units in their meters.

The power consumers are expected to buy a fresh token and punch the codes in their meters each time their units run out to be able to access power. However, the system has been down for the last two days, making it impossible to power consumers to buy and load units.

This failure frustrated many users who took to social media to vent their fury, forcing Umeme to issue an apology and a promise to sort the mess.

URN spoke to several traders and Kampala residents who expressed disappointment over the system failure, saying it is causing them loses. Nicholas Ainamazima, a supermarket attendant on Mawanda Road in Kamwokya, says they are making loses resulting from the blackout because some of their merchandise requires refrigeration.

Ainamazima asks the power distributor to put in place an alternative system to avoid similar problems in the future.

David Okion Ejakait, a pay way service operator along Mawanda road told URN he bounded more than 100 Yaka clients because he couldn’t help them.

“I can tell you people have suffered. I have some people who have walked here more than ten times since Tuesday. Some have left me with their Yaka meter numbers to load when the network comes back,” Okion said. UMEME distributes 97 percent of the electricity used in the country.

Stephen Illungole, the Umeme Media Manager has apologized to their customers, they experiencing a technical problem, adding that their technical teams are working to resolve the issue. 75 percent of the 1.2 million customers were connected to Yaka as of December 2017.

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