Zari, Ivan In Bitter Split


City socialite Zari has opened up on her estranged relationship with Ivan Ssemwanga saying she is no longer with him. She also denied reports that she and her hubby Ivan were involved in fights.

Socialite Zari Hassan say her and Ivan are no more
Socialite Zari Hassan says her and Ivan are no more

In a revelation on her Facebook wall that is likely to cause heads to roll, Zari says she is dating ‘one man’ and accuses Ivan of dating a string of girls including Sharon O.

Sharon is a former Big Brother Africa contestant who until recently was said to be a relationship with Micheal, her former Obsessions band mate, The two have a child together.

This is what she wrote on her Facebook wall.

“All this tabloid drama is so wrong. We have been seperated for ayear and we both moved on. He is seeing sharon O and abunch of other gals while am dating one Man who doesn’t want drama (I will keep his name safe). There was no fight as reported by tabloids……he just learnt that day am dating again. As for sharon she has been coming to SA and she has my blessing we had atalk because I did move on from Ivan. So lets not get anything twisted.”

Good morning.

This revelation puts to rest reports that the two are still together.

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  1. Sharon O is such a snake as she was busy accusing Helen of wanting to snatch her man which she actually didnt do. sharon shame on you for what u did to Zari

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