Zari Rides Car In ‘knickers’

Zari exposing her juicy yellow thighs

If there were official awards for controversy in the world, our own socialite Zari Hassan would be the champion of all times.

Zari exposing her juicy yellow thighs
Zari exposing her juicy yellow thighs

She was spotted in South Africa having a ride around the country almost in Knickers only, something that has left many people shocked and in disbelief.

Clad In a short black dress, she was seen literally driving while sitting on Knickers since the short dress had climbed up the hips

However she seemed comfortable while posing for the photos despite the controversy surrounding her southern territories.

Some snoops were overheard wondering what if she was in periods; Hell would have broken loose on the car chairs.

The development follows her recently adopted format of taking photos while showing her irregular behind and in heavy coats to hide her bulging tummy from eagle-eyed snoops.

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