Zuena New NTV life stories Host

Zuena Kirema Bebe Cool's wife.

Gagamel Phamily first lady Zuena Kirema is the new presenter of the popular NTV Uganda program; Life Stories.

Zuena Kirema is new presenter of NTV Life Stories
Zuena Kirema is new presenter of NTV Life Stories

Word reaching us indicates that Zuena is to start work at the Serena based TV station soon.

She will replace Justine Nameere who recently resigned from the job to concentrate on her studies.

Reliable sources confirmed to us that there were other pressing

reasons to why Nameere quit NTV.

The news of Zuena Joining NTV was first revealed by the Gagamel Phamily boss a while ago.

“NTV Management saw something unique in Zuena which means she will now be hosting a certain show that will probably deal with trends, family issues and real life stories,” said Bebe Cool.

Some of the people were heard saying that there are higher chances of Zuena not performing to her expectation since it will be her first time to be in front of cameras. Time will prove us beyond doubt.

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10 thoughts on “Zuena New NTV life stories Host

  1. what makes her the best,most suitable canditate besides her good looks and her fame .being shoot in a song video does not mean you have the ability to host a show. NTV should keep wise or else it may detoriate its performance. if you open door to resouce that has no experience be sure to give serious training or else your giving you competitors an advantage.

      1. its a fact my dear lets not look away when its certain people involved all animals are equal (animal farm)

  2. I really love that show. Am so happy to hear you r the new presenter. Go ahead gal. I wish u all the best

  3. What experience and academic credential does Zeuna have. This is totally unfair in the eyes of people who want professionalism in journalism and telecasting. NTV should be sued for such terrible mistakes against the principle human resource manual. Oh Uganda! Cry our beloved country.

  4. Not appeased at all the former presenter of Life Stories knew what she was doing and she did her research well about what she was gonna air on TV hope NTV has made a right choose …

  5. these are not benefits of doubt. all this is just nugu. now next when she succeeds some will say she has gone underground …kyoka ugandans…selfish and ignorant. just leave this zuena chic and ntv alone

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