Mike Agondoa declares himself life Ayivu chief



December 1, 2022

ARUA. Mike Agondoa has come out to assure the people of Ayivu Chiefdom in Arua City that he is their Chief for life.

Agondoa’s assurance follows several battles aimed at removing him from the office he has held for over ten years now. Early this year, an election was organized by the Lugbara Cultural Institution (Lugbara Kari) in which Manasseh Yuma was controversially elected to replace Agondoa.

Shortly after Yuma’s election, another elder identified as Edward Aderibo also emerged claiming he is the true Chief of Ayivu.

As a result, in May this year, Dr. Alice Akello, the Arua Resident City Commissioner (RCC) blocked the planned coronation of Yuma and asked the people of Ayivu to first reorganize themselves to avoid insecurity in the city.

It is on this ground that Agondoa came out publicly to clarify that cultural matters can’t be handled in a political manner, adding that he will only leave his current seat when critically ill or dead.

“The election which was conducted to forcefully replace me was dismissed by the elders’ council, they said in our culture we don’t do things like politicians. In our culture once somebody is a traditional chief, he will have to perform the duty until the time he gets either critically sick or dies and for that reason, those yearning to replace me should wait until I die,” Agondoa told journalists on Wednesday.

“Mine will be until I die and that is what our constitution of the Lugbara people says and it is very clear!” Agondoa emphasized.

He said all over, people are aware that the Chief of the people of Ayivu is him (Mike Agondoa) not those being imposed on the people of Ayivu by some politicians in the area.

“These people claiming to have replaced me were brought by two or three politicians. Their intention is to destabilize the cultural set-up of Ayivu which I will not allow,” Agondoa stressed.

Agondoa noted that he has led the people of Ayivu for 15 years now, promoting peace and unity which his subjects should embrace despite the negative force from the enemies of the well-established chiefdom.

During the press briefing, Yosia Agabo, 78, the Ayivu Chiefdom Minister for Disability under Agondoa’s administration retaliated that they can’t undo his boss’ enthronement unless he dies.

Agabo further observed that to date, the person recognized by the people and the government of Uganda as the true Chief of Ayivu is Agondoa not anybody else.



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