2nd Anniversary Since Rwenzururu Kingdom Raid

For 3 days Uganda Security Services cleared the Rwenzururu Kingdom Palace in Kasese district of people it described as hostage takers of the King.

The United States Embassy posted a statement about the 2nd Anniversary .

“Today marks two years since Ugandan security services raided the palace of the Rwenzururu King in Kasese killing scores of civilians.

The families of those killed and injured are still waiting for a full and transparent investigation.

Those arrested are still waiting for fair and expeditious trials. All Ugandans are waiting for accountability and justice. How much longer will they wait?”

Winnie Kiiza(Mp) Kasese District attacks government for failing to account for people who died.

“Today is 26th November, 2years after the attack on Rwenzururu Kingdom and killing of the over 150 people. Our people have stayed in jail unheard for all that period”.

We call for a speedy trial of our people because justice delayed is justice denied. We also demand for accountability on the side of Government.

The question that is still bothering us is how the government has ignored and not bothered by the actions of the officers who killed our people in broad daylight.

 Two years of incarceration of a cultural leader(King) with over 200 hundred of his subjects is not good.

We demand for accountability, she ended with her statement.


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