9-year old thumped by step-mom

Ronald Kanamwanje

Ronald Kanamwanje

A 9-year-old child was beaten severely by his step mother until his intestines got out.

Ronald Kanamwanje has so far under gone three surgeries and is currently waiting for his fourth surgery at Uganda Friendship Hospital, Naguru after he suffered intestinal injuries resulting from beaten severely by his step mother

Three months ago, Kanamwanje’s stepmother allegedly hit him on the stomach after he tried to enter the house but his step mother was seated in the door way.

According to Kanamwanje, she later told him he could pass but as he was walking through, she hit him hard, with her fist on his stomach. “She continued to beat me,” Kanamwanje said. On realizing that she had injured him severely, she told him not to tell anyone, threatening that if he did so, she would “kill” him. “She hit me on the stomach and told me not tell anybody. I feared and didn’t tell my father,” Kanamwanje said.

A week later, the boy started vomiting blood and complaining of stomach ache. His mother, Ms Margret Namukwaya, was called in and she took her son to a Health Centre III in Kasawo, Mukono District.

He was referred to Mulago National Referral hospital. “By the time it was noticed, it was late. The intestines had started rotting. We went to Mulago and they operated on him thrice. The situation got worse and they said they would work on him again,” Ms Namukwaya said, adding: “I reported the case to police but the lady ran away.”

According to Dr Wilberforce Kabweru, the head of Naguru Hospital theatre, Kanamwanje was admitted at the facility a month ago looking wasted and anaemic and because of that, they could not operate on him immediately.

“When I received him, he had been through three operations at Mulago. They were quite successful although there were complications. He is nine years old. When I admitted him, he was 19kgs and still weighs the same. He is likely to be reviewed for a long time. I might review him for about 20 years,” Dr Kabweru said.

The doctor explained that they had done two operations; resection and anastomosis of the small intestines because Kanamwanje had intestine obstruction at three points due to adhesion.


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  1. At the age of 12years while staying with my step mother, she made me carry a huge log for about 3km from where we had cut a tree to home. I suffered so much but still pushed until I reached home and after that I felt a lot of pain in chest and my ears were ringing continuously, after 3 days I temporary lost my hearing sense, when I told her that I could hear nothing I dont know what she replied but from the expression on her face it was something like “GO TO HELL” I really wonder why U should injur a kid to that level! It all shows how backward and primitive some of us still are!

  2. Women women women it surprises me how on earth u can do such a thing becoz the chld belongs to your co as if u are sure that man wil neva dump u 4 anatha woman. I pity such women

  3. We should pray against divorce because the real mother would not do such an evil thing to an innocent child.God have mercy on families

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