Activist Silas Roselo celebrates Women’s beauty in a song ‘ BEAUTY’

In his new song titled ‘Beauty’, rising artist Silas Roselo tells a tale inspired by real events in life. In his hit song, the singer is simply celebrating the power and contribution of women across the globe. He praises the women and believes we are all here on earth because of Women. They need to be celebrated and respected.

“Beauty ” is an English phrase that translates to “Obulungi in our local languages back here home”. The song is a blend of slow reggae vibes and Rnb.
Beauty song explores a creative new sound by Silas Roselo, that aims at incorporating Ugandan lyricism and sounds with western instruments and genres.
Well, Silas Roselo says that he wrote the Beauty song inspired by situations most Women go through with their beauty.
Silas Roselo also believes the song is a dedication to all Women out there and celebrates their beauty.

This fast-rising star has moved to almost every school and District in Uganda carrying out sensitization programs on climate change and public health under the project named MUCA Make Uganda clean again.
From there, he got the inspiration to write out his first Beauty hit song that is currently ruling our TV and Radio airwaves.  Silas Roselo is a Ugandan singer, actor, and community worker born on 3rd February 1990 in the Ngora district.
Click to listen to the BEAUTY song

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