Adolescents Converge At Mulago Hospital Today, Shine Like A Star

Adolescents have today converged at Mulago to foster their skills in personal branding under the theme Shine Like A Star.

Reknown Adolescents advocate, Dr Sabrina Kitaka is shaping the destiny of these adolescents. As parents struggle with adolescents on holiday remember the Friday Adolescent Health Clinic that started in May 2013 at Makerere and Mulago.

Its primary goal is to cater for health needs and promotion of healthy choices made by adolescents.An adolescent is aged 10-19 years.Uganda has a large population of adolescents whose health needs are poorly understood or catered for in the health set up.

The Friday Adolescent Health Clinic is supported by Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Mulago National referral Hospital and Columbia University.

The clinic offers an opportunity for the Master of Paediatrics Residents to obtain practicum sessions while offering free health care services.

The Consultant services are offered mainly by two Paediatricians Dr.Sabrina Kitaka and Dr.Nicolette Barungi as well as a Medical Sociologist Dr.Joseph Rujumba.

The clinic is young people focused and administration is led by the nurses division as well as a young pharmacist Dr.Kizza Lubega.

We have seen more than 3000 individual clients at this clinic over the past 5 years,majority of whom come to receive vaccinations, counseling and psychotherapy services for school or career decisions.

The skills building event is an annual event which happens during the long December holiday and offers an amazing opportunity to encourage our adolescents to rethink their decision making process.

It is a time of fun and networking.This year we shall focus on Personal Branding under the theme:SHINE LIKE A STAR.Date:14th December from 8:30am to 12:33pm

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