Iganga Doctor Gunned Down, Police Investigates

Dr Ibra Gwaluka, the In-charge Kigandaalo HC 4 in Mayuge district has been gunned down in similar style involving Muslim murders that have rocked Uganda.

The assailants waylaid him at home and released a volley of gun shots that killed him instantly around 8 pm on friday night.

James Mubi, Busoga East Regional Police Spokesperson, confirmed the murder of the medical doctor.

Mubi says the motive of killing is not known as no property was taken from scene of crime.

Uganda Medical Association sent out a statement to the medical fraternity around Uganda.

“Sad news that we have lost a colleague, friend and partner in such a hurtful and despicable manner. Dr Ibra Gwaluka has been shot down at his home as he was getting back with his wife (who is a magistrate). Wife escaped and is okay.

He has been the In-charge Kigandaalo HC 4 in Mayuge district but above all, the Treasurer UMA BUSOGA BRANCH!

The killers or their motives are not yet known. We shall keep you all posted with the proceedings.

The body is currently at Iganga hospital! It is indeed a horrible night for us!


Dr Gwaluka, 31, was shot in his car in his compound in Bulubandi Village, Nakigo Sub-county.

“It is said that as the car parked, the gunmen approached from in front and opened fire, targeting the doctor,”.

He added: “The woman bent down as gunshots sounded and as the assailants concentrated on the Doctor. She managed to escape and hid in the latrine”.

Mr Swaibu Mpoya, the Bulubandi village chairman, said that the perpetrators were after the doctor’s life as they didn’t take any money or property.

Dr Gwaluka was a member of the Uganda Medical Association and its president, Dr Ekwaro Obuku, expressed shock at the news.

“It is indeed horrible news for us. The body is currently at Iganga Hospital mortuary. We shall keep you updated,” he said on Saturday.

Dr Gwaluka was the association’s treasurer in Busoga region. At the time of his death, Gwaluka has been pursuing a master’s degree at Makerere University.

Dr Ibra Gwaluka Gunned Down

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