Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

Peter Nyombi, the attorney general has blasted Rebbeca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament saying she is childish.

Speaker Rebbeca Kadaga
Speaker Rebbeca Kadaga

He is enraged that Kadaga made false claims in the media on Monday this week, claiming that she wrote to government to table constitutional reforms in vain.

During the International Democracy Day celebrations at Hotel Africana on Monday ,Kadaga said wrote to both the Attorney General and president on reforms but the duo didn’t respond.

Nyombi denies ever receiving a letter from Kadaga on electoral reforms apart from the remarks she made during the state of the nation address.

He wonders why Kadaga doesn’t call or write to him over the matter instead of rushing to the media.

Nyombi says that he was saddened to read in the newspapers the speaker saying that, ‘ if anybody  sees the Prime Minister or the Attorney General to notify them that parliament was still waiting for amendments’.

He dismissed the speaker as  childish saying how do you talk to your friends like that?”. He said as a senior member of government, Kadaga should have raised her colleagues on phone and inquired about the constitutional reforms.

Attorney General Peter Nyombi.
Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

According to Nyombi,when government realized that there amendments which needed to be effected, the ministry of justice wrote to all stakeholders including the  leader of opposition calling for proposals.

He said many of the amendments like the ones on the composition of the Electoral commission and electoral laws necessitate reviewing the constitution.

He says that some of the proposed amendments are a result of court judgments and some were from government.
The technical team at ministry of Justice , the attorney general’s office came up with a work schedule which he says was tabled in cabinet.

Nyombi revealed that at cabinet level, a decision was reached to draft all the lawyers in cabinet into a sub committee to study the amendments under the chairperson of the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

He names some of the minister as Gen MosesAli, Rose Namayanja, Sam Kutesa, Adolf Mwesigye, Asuman Kiyingi, Okello Oryem, FredRuhindi and himself.

According to Nyombi, the consituttional amendments are not a cheap business as Kadaga wants to portray it.

He says government dispatched a team led by Ruhindi to regional countries to do some bench marking. He revealed that the report on the amendments had been made and awaited discussion by cabinet.

Reminded that the speaker was worried by government stampeding parliament, Nyombi said since the matter is at cabinet level it out of his hands. Wafula Oguttu, the leader of opposition in parliament has not yet commented as he is reportedly out of the country. Kadaga could neither pick nor return calls from our reporter.

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