Alaso Blasts Otto, Defends Gen Muntu

noted that the failure to address issues of motivation is a permanent condemnation of the future of children of the poor and rural areas.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has hit back at Aruu County MP Odongo Otto who described the opposition this week as non starters without feasible ground work to edge the ruling party.

Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.
Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.

FDC’s Sectary General Alice Alaso described Otto as a disgruntled politician who should be ignored. The Serere Woman MP said when FDC President Mugisha Muntu failed to appoint Otto to chair a parliamentary committee;the Aruu County MP took it personal.

The Secretary General said she issurprised to see Otto who passionately supported Muntu and Wafula Oguttu turning against them because he wasn’t given a leading role on committees.

She said Otto’s exaltation of government for constructing roads,health facilities and schools as vote winner is unsustainable because there are no doctors and medicine in hospitals. Alaso said there is a lot of evidence on embezzlement of funds and the health facilities are not evenly distributed.


The party boss said instead of the Aruu county MP demonising the opposition that they are not on ground, he should concentrate on his plans to exit politics.

Alaso said there are still fertile grounds to help in the unseating of the NRM regime which will have been in power for 30 years at the next elections in 2016. She pointed out service delivery and the issue of democracy.

NRM parliamentary caucus vice chairman David Bahati,however, lauded Otto for being honest with the political developments in the country. Bahati, the Ndorwa West MP, called upon other opposition MPs toemulate Otto for stating the reality instead of keeping people in ignorance.

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  1. F D C guys u have started eating your own tails which is calling for your failure. unless you are united than you will win in 2016. DR Besigye are u not seeing your children scratching each other?

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