Aggrey Awori Dragged To Court Over Fraud

Aggrey Awori is accused of selling a house to two people

Aggrey Siryoyi Awori, the former Minister for Information, Communication and Technology -ICT is facing fraud charges.

Aggrey Awori is accused of selling a house to two people
Aggrey Awori is accused of selling a house to two people

Awori also former presidential candidate in the 2006 General Election has been dragged to court for allegedly selling his house to two people.

According to the land agreements, Awori sold a semi complete but habitable house to Jenifer Atwongire, the wife to John Mulimba, the Samia Bugwe North MP, on March 21st 2013. He later also sold the same property to Patrick Wabwire on April 2nd 2013.

The agreement stems from an incident in which Awori reportedly approached Atwongire early this year through her husband MP John Mulimba for financial assistance amounting to 38 million shillings.

In lending the money, Atwongire demanded for collateral. Awori handed over his tractor registration number UAM 863C, before he was given the money.  One of conditions was that he pays back the money within a period of one month.

However Atwongire claims that Awori failed to honour the agreement prompting her to suggest to him to forfeit his corner house on plot 16 Hadongole roads in Kisenyi “A”, Busia municipality opposite old taxi park as way of setting the debt.

An understanding was reached to this effect.

The agreement indicates that the total purchase of the property was at 48 million shillings. It further indicates that Atwongire was to give an additional 10 million shillings to Awori to seal the deal which she paid cash and was witnessed by Kamba & Company Advocates.

It was agreed that up the execution of the agreement former Minister Awori was to vacate the house, sign the transfer deeds and hand over all title deeds of the property to Atwongire in any event not later than two weeks from March 21st 2013. It was also agreed that upon the transfer, Atwongire was to return the tractor to Awori.

However, Awori failed to transfer the ownership of the house to Atwongire as was agreed.

This prompted Atwongire through her lawyers Rwakafuuzi and company advocate to file an interim order with Busia Chief Magistrate court seeking an injunction restraining Awori from wasting, damaging, alienating selling, removing or disposing the house.

Instead Awori sold the same property to Patrick Wabwire at 75 million shillings and went ahead and signed the transfer deeds and handed over all title deeds of the property to him.

Also, a photocopy of land certificate and land sale agreement that indicates that Awori sold the said land to Wabwire.

But Awori says although he wanted to sell the house and plot to Ms. Atwongire at a cost of shs.48 million shillings, the deal did not happen eventually.

Through his lawyer M/s Musinguzi and Musinguzi advocates and solicitors in an affidavit to civil suit, Awori said the allegations adduced by Atwongire did not give a clear picture on their previous negotiations.

Awori also wants court to dismiss Atwongire’s application arguing that he is likely to suffer more severe damages and losses than Atwongire if the application is ruled in her favor as she is already holding on to his tractor whose value he claims is over the sum purportedly paid by her.

Both parties where approached through their lawyers for a comment and all claim ownership of the property.

However Busia magistrate court has scheduled 27th July 2013 as a date in which Awori is to respond to the claims adduced by Atwongire.

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  1. The problem in Uganda is to think politics is a business! It is and must be seen to be a service to society- you shouldnt join politics to wash away all your fiancial woes!. Staying in UPC is politics, selling what he owns is business, defrauding anyone while doing that is lack of ethics- a personality trait delinked from politics. He probably would have done the same even if not in UPC or any other party so no one taught him or used him and after taught him to be fraudulent.

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