Allow Prisoners To Bonk — MPs

Members of Parliament that sit on Human rights committee have said that prisoners who are married should be given time to meet with their spouses and break the starvation.

The committee chaired by the Mitooma Woman MP Jovah Kamateka was on Wednesday meeting with officials from the Uganda prisons services headed by Commissioner Johnson Byabashaija to give account on prisoners’ freedom.

Some members of the committee; the Kilak South MP Gilbert Oulanya and Kasanda County’s Simeo Nsubuga told Byabashaija to grant conjugal rights to inmates especially those serving long sentences stemming from capital offences.

They therefore want government so set up special facilities at different prisons for inmates to always enjoy bonking sessions with spouses once in a while.

“Families are breaking up because if one of the partners is incarcerated, the one who remain at home get other partners to service him/her thus contracting dangerous diseases,” Oulanya said.

“If a man leaves a wife at home with one kid, by the time he finish serving his sentence of let’s say 5 years, he finds the wife with 4 kids, this should stop.” Oulanya added.

However, some of the committee members including Bulamogi County MP Kenneth Lubogo and the chairperson opposed the suggestion saying it was inappropriate.

In his response, Byabashaija told the committee that his operations are only those within the legal limits but assured them of some drastic changes to be implemented soon.

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