‘Am I Normal?’ study reveals average manhood length

A new study published Tuesday by the British Journal of Urology has been a hot topic for men and women (but mostly men) since hitting the press. The study’s subject? The true average penis size.


According to the “Am I Normal?” study, the average size when erect is 5.16 inches and 3.6 inches when flaccid. The study looked to 20 previous research projects across the world that surveyed 15,521 men, age 16-91 for a healthy sampling of manhood.

The information has since been constructed into a graph that doctors can now use in counseling men with small-penis anxiety, and eventually, as a tool for proper condom sizing. (Click here to see the graph.) In case you’re still feeling insecure, the study went on to say that just 2.28% of men have either abnormally small or large penises.

It also turns out that there has been no correlation found between foot and penis size, much to the sadness of people cruising the 15+ section of shoe stores.

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