Another COVID-19 Herbal Concoction Hits Masaka Market

Masaka – Amidst the growing anxiety and untamed rush to finding an effective remedy for COVID-19, many unsuspecting members of the public in Masaka district are rushing to buy K-COVIDEX, another herbal-based concoction

. This comes amidst the warning from the Health Ministry to the public against using unverified medicines in COVID-19 management due to the likely effects.

K-COVIDEX, a purified liquid nose and mouth drop and a non-alcoholic sanitiser is the latest phytomedicine on sale in Masaka, which has been embraced as a remedy against COVID-19.

Stephen Kawonawo, the inventor of the local herbal concoction claims that he has tested the therapy on a number of confirmed COVID-19 patients and proved its effectiveness and safety based on local standards.  

Kawonawo, who is known for making anti-cough and cold herbal mixtures, says that he improved his formulas by blending plants rich in Vitamins A and C as well as those with high alkaline levels to suppress the virus. 

He says that he started the innovation as early as April 2020 until May 2020 when he released the concoction for public use following testimonies by those who have tried it.

Despite his lack of any scientific expertise in the production of drugs, Kawonawo argues that government needs to embrace local innovations and improve them where necessary instead of frustrating them with tough protocols. He says that his urge to make the concoction is driven by the apparent public anxiety to finding a conclusive remedy for COVID-19.

Apparently, Kawonawo is still undecided on whether to seek authorization for his herbal products from the National Drugs Authority-NDA or the Natural Chemotherapeutical Research Institute.  

Doreen Kisseka, one of the persons that have used the concoction, claims that it worked for her in addition to other drugs she received from the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Kissekka also urges the Ministry of Health to support the innovation towards improving the medicine such that it is used without reservations.

Doses of COVIDEX have registered good reviews after being administered to COVID-19 patients (FILE PHOTO)

Dr. Faith Nakiyimba, the Masaka District Health Officer has advised the public against being duped with any unlicensed mixtures as COVID-19 treatment cures, warning that the users stand a higher risk of developing other health complications.

Dr. Nakiyimba has also discouraged the public from any form of self-medication, saying that besides going for unregistered drug dealers, she will interest the district task force to look into people vending herbal concoctions in the area.

Recently, NDA approved the use of COVIDEX, another herbal concoction as part of the COVID-19 treatment.

COVIDEX has become one of the most sought after COVID-19 remedies in the country pushing its price to as high as UGX80,000 from just UGX10,000.

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