Body of deceased Internal Affairs Minister will arrive today at :00pm aboard Emirates, Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) Spokesperson Paddy Ankunda said yesterday.

nyakairima“It is now confirmed, the body of Gen Aronda will touch down at 1pm aboard Emirates on Wednesday,” Ankunda tweeted.
He also said the former UPDF Chief of Defence Forces will be laid to rest on Saturday.
“Hon Gen Aronda will be laid to rest on Saturday 19th September at Nyakiju in Rukungiri. Service starts at 9am.”
Gen. Aronda died last week, Saturday morning of heart attack while on transit in Dubai from South Korea, government spokesperson earlier said, though president Museveni yesterday refuted the statement saying that government is busy trying to find out the cause of his death.
He also said that it will be easy to investigate since Aronda was with other people.
“At first I thought he had traveled alone. I was relieved to learn he was with four or five people. It makes it easier to ask what went on.”
Museveni who visited late Aronda’s family yesterday eulogised him for helping government with the Identity Card (ID) project.
“He helped with the ID Project, it was stuck but he moved it. From the people here, it shows who Aronda was,” he said.
Museveni also said late Aronda was a disciplined soldier who survived post bush war AIDS.

“I didn’t know he had any medical problem. Because when we came from the bush, many died of AIDS but Aronda was disciplined, he survived.”

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