Arua Muslims Conflict As They Shift Allegiance To Kibuli Administration

Hundreds of Muslims in Arua Municipality have shifted allegiance from Muktar mosque to Hijira Mosque,following the sacking of Sheikh Saidi Muhammad at Muktar mosque three weeks ago by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

Hundreds attended Juma prayers at Hijira Mosque along Adroa road river oli Division, you could easily mistake that it was Eid. But was first Jumah prayers at Hijira Mosque.

The maiden Jumah prayers at Hijira mosque in River Oli division in Arua municipality are under the Kibuli administration of Sheikh Sulaiman Kisule Ndirangwa.

The Mosque was over flooded with worshipers from all the corners of the municipality and beyond that female worshipers had to be evacuated to a neighbors compound to perform the sallah.

Sheikh Saidi Muhammad since being expelled at Muktar mosque three weeks ago by UMSC today delivered his maiden sermon as the mosque IMAM while the Supreme Khadi Sheikh Abdullahi Vuni addressed the congregation thereafter and called for unity and selflessness exhibited by former caliphs during Prophet Muhammad’s time to have the new mosque and head office constructed in as far making of financial and material contributions is concerned.

Muslims promptly contributed over two million shillings in cash and in pledges.

The launch and official swearing of the Supreme Khadi shall be done when the Supreme mufti sheikh Ndirangwa visits Arua early next year.

Recently, Osman Draga the interim chairman to the administration of the supreme khadi Sheikh Abdullah Juma Vuni was detained at Arua Central Police Station over unknown charges.

Draga had visited the police station to report on the security situation. Thereafter the new Khadi under the Old Kampala administration arrived with four others landing a barrage of insults on him to the surprise of those present at how a leader at that level could openly utter insults.

UPDF and police led by the District Police Commander, Henry Kintu descended on the Muslims at Muktar mosque at 1who had assembled for Juma prayers thereby forcing the congregation to leave as he and two other officers entered with shoes up to where the Imam stand.

In the mellee, the officers started throwing teargas butfailed to explode. Thereafter a group of Muslims confronted the army near the toilet vowing that they rather die from bullets than cowardice as they shouted “mu wua sisi” in Swahili.
The chaos resulted after a group of Muslims disputed the appointment of Abu Jaffar as Khadi and visited Kibuli mosque in Kampala recognizing the Supreme Mufti Sheikh Sulaiman Kasule Ndirangua as their leader.

According to SP Henry Kintu, the Arua DPC, two police officers and a UPDF soldier sustained minor injuries during the standoff that lasted for nearly three hours.

“When we heard that there was a fight, we intervened since we didn’t want the fight to culminate into death. The Muslims were fighting among themselves because they have factions. There are those who subscribe to the new district Khadi and those against him,” said Kintu.

Kintu said according to their intelligence, the Muslims opposed to Sheik Shaban Abu Jafar, the newly appointed Arua district Khadi wanted to take over the Mosque as their base.

“We thought wise that all what they wanted can’t be solved during prayer time and because of that situation and what was likely to happen, we as security have decided to temporarily close this mosque. We can’t allow people to kill themselves in the house of God,” Kintu said.

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