Leaders Are God Chosen! Arua Woman MP Izuma rallies Voters against Malpractice, Electoral violence

Arua – The aspiring candidate for the Arua city woman MP-Fabiollah Annette Izuma has appealed to the women and the entire electorates of Arua City to take the electioneering process with their deserves to avoid bad leadership.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter in her office Fabiollah said many people take the election process lightly and therefore end up voting people whose sole purpose is to eat money but not work to improve services delivery to the most affected communities they represent.

“Deciding leadership is a God given gift which started long time in the Bible and Quran but today, we take it lightly and think it’s not important simply because some people think it’s for eating, we are not going there to eat but to work and people should always ask for accountability after the five years”, Fabiollah narrates

Annette appealed to the electorate to change the ‘eating’ language to work by electing leaders with vision and developmental ideas .He outlined plans to thoroughly plan the upcoming city which she said will be a firm foundation for a prosperous modern city in years to come.

“Some cities don’t attract anything and others just develop into slums because of poor planning, I am looking forward to an all-inclusive diverse city that should be able to attract investors”, Annette further stated.

She said her exposure, education, experience and attitude make her the best choice to set up the infant city running.

Fabiollah said her dream was to transform the city into a transport hub for central Africa by upgrading the airport, improve urban agriculture and decentralize the city by creating more markets as well as the road network to prevent congestion in the central business district.

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