Drama As Thieving Bulgarians Are Re-Arrested

Thieving Bulgarians in court

By Stuart Yiga.

Thieving Bulgarians in court

Drama yesterday ensued in and outside Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court when police besieged it and re-arrested four Bulgarian nationals who had been granted bail Tuesday night.

One of the suspects; Ivan Ganchev Emilov put the situation at court to a standstill when he started roaring like a lion, after seeing police officers bring hand cuffs to take him back to jail yet he had been granted bail.

He repeatedly shouted on top of his voice until police failed to handcuff him. He later accepted to be taken alongside his co-accused at around 8:30pm.

The suspects had been granted bail on Tuesday by Chief Magistrate Sylvia Nabaggala.

Milen Katsarski, Adrian Dimitrov, Ivan Ganchev Emilov and Anton Ivanov were detained last month as they were withdrawing money from an ATM machine at Stanbic Bank in the capital suburb of Nateete.

After court bailed them out, they first remained holed up in one of the Buganda Road court’s courtrooms and refused to come out of the court premises, after their lawyer Charles Dalton Oponya, disclosed to them that he had got a hint that police were planning to re-arrest them.

The four suspects who are facing over 30 counts of forgery, allegedly used a microchip and a phone battery and gained access to all the bank customers’ accounts, and after they picked the accounts holding huge sums, they made fabricated ATM cards and withdrew the money.

After changing them into dollars, the Bulgarians wired the money to bank accounts in their home country.

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5 thoughts on “Drama As Thieving Bulgarians Are Re-Arrested

  1. Let them pay back the money. Jailing them for a few years only for them to go back home and enjoy the stolen funds is not right.

  2. Guys-this is high level crime.They need to pay back the cash withdrawn fraudulently
    before banging tables and making loud noise for freedom. Interpol can be contacted in this Case to facilitate transfer of funds in liaison with their home governments.Bank(s) defrauded must clearly state amounts lost that needs to be refunded. They can then be freed and deported to be tried in their home Country.

      1. africa always plays it cool with these whites.. Ask what the chinese would have done to them… Hung them and no one would lift a muscle. here we only ask them to return the money and they will get back home…they come all in the name of tourists…who needs tourists when we have oil

  3. Criminals and hackers like these are now going to CONTINENTS WITH MINIMAL CYBER SECURITY……in the USA they managed to cause 150million in fraud until secret service run them down. Make them pay by any means necessary.

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