GNL, Lover’s Display Public Affection

GNL and his Zungu mama

GNL and his Zungu mama

GNL Zamba is smitten with his new muzungu woman. The Hiphop star who owns the record label Baboon Forest, told the audience at Club Amnesia last Thursday how he loves his Zungu lover as he premiered the video of his new song Power.

In the song he features Big Trill and Nina both Baboon Forest members. But the night was all about the white lady as he spent all night cuddling to his new lover. The pair have now been dating for around two months and can’t get enough of each other.

According to pals, the pair could be set to move in together as husband and wife. The singer has previously dated one Ruth Komukyeya but it is claimed he used to batter her when they used to stay together.


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5 thoughts on “GNL, Lover’s Display Public Affection

  1. lm really sorry 4 GNL cos he has never been with one of them withe gals they are not easy and not sweet may be by de time he will not all about them withe woman

    1. @ patrick why do u care, if the one u had wasnt sweet it doesnt mean GNLz also not sweet. please mind yo business.

      1. Well put Rosa… trust me he’s just jealous of GNL… Wamma have yo fun if it doesnt work out u move on atte ekyonakyo!! gwegusosse!!!

      2. @Rosa

        Thank you for your comment. Patrick’s comment shows what a male prostitute he is. It shows that he has been in bed with all the white women on earth and then came up with that statement. If it’s not true then he is talking out of ignorance and envy.Sorry for him.

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