ASFA Fashion Weekend Day 1 Featured Innovative Designs, Bold Styles, And Fashion Prowess.

By Fab Mc

Two years later, the ASFA fashion weekend has returned to Kampala, proving that the capital’s fashion essence isn’t fading away. This event, formerly known as the Fashionpreneur Summit, is organized by Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards and aims to empower young fashion creatives.

Over 100 fashion creatives are attending the 3rd edition. As of 11 am, brands were staged in their pop-up spaces and ready to exhibit couture, beauty brands, and artistic/fashionable crafts. The first day is reserved for exhibitions and pop-ups, where the public is invited to come and check out these magnificent pieces.

In fact, pack your bags now, put some coins in your wallet and make your way to MOTIV. This year’s ASFA Fashion Weekend will take place on November 11th and 12th. 13th will be the Nominee Release party at La Terrazza. Come and engage with the next generation of groundbreaking fashion inventors.

 This three-day event will include exhibitions, a business seminar, seminars, workshops, and panel discussions. This year’s ASFA’s theme is “The Awakening” and the Fashion Weekend revolves around the topics of Global Markets, Digital Fashion, Recovery, and Brand Growth & Profitability.

The panel talks will take place on 12th November (tomorrow). If you still have time, make your way to MoTIV and check out the amazing designs, art, and crafts.


DAY 1: The ASFA Fashion Weekend begins.

ASFAS held the first day of Fashion Weekend.

Big moves as the ASFA Fashion Weekend kicks off Day 1.

Designers are all out at ASFA Fashion Weekend

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