Bagyenda’s Driver, Body Guard Arrested

Justin Bagyenda’s body guard and driver have been arrested on orders of Parliamentary Committee COSASE after they refused to pin their boss.

Last evening we reported how they took 3 hours with MPs but refused to incriminate their boss despite overwhelming evidence from CCTV Cameras.

Police questioned them later on friendly basis but today their luck run out. A source says they must be ready to defend their boss who flew out of Uganda.

Members of Parliament have questioned the Driver and Body Guards of Ms Justine Bagyenda a day after allegations of theft of documents from Bank of Uganda were revealed.

The Director of Security Bank of Uganda, Milton Opio said former executive director in charge of supervision Justine Bagyenda facilitated the theft of documents from the central bank.

Opio said CCTV camera’s captured Bagyenda’s driver taking bags of documents from Bank of Uganda.

Today, a few MPs questioned Bagyenda’s aide for hours but decided to hand them over to CID for further questioning.

Opio said that they had planned a search at Bagyenda’s residence but the bags were returned the following day at around 6pm but were still not checked at the entrance to ascertain the contents.

He said that when Bagyenda was confronted about the incident, she accused the bank of witch hunting her and insisted that the bags contained personal items.

“Those are some of the reasons why we were suspicious and we thought we’d be embarrassed if we went and searched the home and found nothing. The following day she sent us an email and said why did you people do this? It seems the search was leaked to her. By who? We don’t know.” Opio said.

“After that, whenever she wanted to take documents she would call us. On 30th June or July 1 she called me in the afternoon, I was at home and she said; ‘I wanted to take my things home but the security people have refused me to go with them.’ Then I said; ‘I would advise you not to take anything out of the offices on a Saturday wait on Monday I will send my people to check the documents because we don’t want a repeat of what happened [before].’ And we agreed to that and the documents were checked the following week on Monday and they were personal items.” said Opio.

Katuntu  selected a team four MPs to review the CCTV footage of the incident and file a separate report. They visited Bank of Uganda today.

The MPs include UPDF representative Francis Takirwa, Rukungiri Woman MP Betty Muzanira, Kashari South MP Nathan Itungo and Kabale Municipality MP Aja Baryayanga.

Bagyenda’s guard, driver and the security officers who were on duty on a fateful day have also been questioned.

The Wherebouts of Bagyenda remains unknown.

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