Diane Rwigara and her mother will stay behind bars after a planned bail application appeal failed to materialize at Kigali’s High Court.

The Rwigaras were hoping to make an application to challenge an earlier court order denying them bail and keeping them in prison for 30 days but things didn’t go according to plan.

Court had remanded Diane and her mother Adeline for 30 days as they await the start of a trial in which they’re accused of instigating public insurrection against President Paul Kagame.

Diane, who was disqualified as a presidential candidate is also charged with forging signatures during her failed presidential bid.

Court adjourned the appeal hearing to next week on November 16 after Diane’s mother and their lawyer failed to turn up in court.

Her lawyer reportedly told court he couldn’t appear because he was busy attending to another client in another court room.

Diane’s mother wrote to court saying she was ill and incapable of showing up in court.

Critics of President Kagame say the charges against Diane and her mother are politically motivated.

If convicted she faces up t seven years behind bars for forgery and 15 years in jail for inciting public insurrection against Kagame’s regime.

He mother faces a maximum of seven years for promoting sectarianism.


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