Bank of Uganda, URA Servers At Risk Of Being Hacked

Bank of Uganda, URA Servers are at a higher risk of being hacked.


The information has been obtained from a leaked parliamentary report penned by the parliament committee on ICT chaired by Bunya west MP Vincent Bagiire.

The report is due for tabling before parliament. According to the report accessed by Red Pepper, it sounds an alarm to government regarding the security of key national institutions like ATMs, Bank of Uganda and Uganda Revenue Authority.

The report states that these two institutions are not safe at all as their servers may soon be hacked into and critical secret information lost to mafia as it occurred in Georgia, Estonia among other countries.

The report suggests that unless government invests shs50bn [USD18m] to set up a national CERT [cyber security], these institutions are at risk of facing cyber attacks.

“The national CERT is necessitated by the need to save the country’s key institutions like BoU, URA from distributed denial of service and intrusion similar to what happened to Sony last year. Sony, which is highly technologically astute organization, took more than a month to fully recover from attacks. There are incidents where cyber attackers have taken over the servers of critical institutions in the country and operated them from their preferred locations like it was the case in Georgia.

The report states that today, Georgia after that attack, has implemented the most robust cyber security system premised on detection and prevention of all viruses and malware sent to the country before they cause any harm to a given institution. In Georgia, the cyber attacks affected ATMs and information systems infrastructure in general.

“With all this knowledge of countries that have suffered cyber attacks have been a reality and have brought economies to their knees, it is inconceivable that we continue to regard it as unfunded priority yet it clearly borders on national security. For Uganda to be at a comfort level in terms of cyber security, the country needs to invest as estimates USD18m” the report added.

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