Bobi Wine And Barbie On Their Wedding Day

Bobi Wine And Barbie On Their Wedding Day

Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife of ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine has furiosly denied rumors that her and
hubby Bobi are on the verge of a break-up. Barbie made this rebuttal on social networking site
Facebook in which she expresses her disgust over the rumor calling it an ‘a spreading ulcer’.

Red Pepper online told you last week how the ghetto ‘state house’ manned by Bobi Wine
real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was  on the verge of a bitter split after his wife Barbie
accused him of being so closeness to many females.

In her clearly bitter post, Barbie tells off her haters asserting that even in her family, separation
is a taboo stating strongly that ‘I am here to stay’. Below we present to you the post in full.

Who ever is spreading the rumor that me and Bobi are at the verge of splitting,ZIP IT! Ive been silent
about it but the “ulcer” is spreading further. I said it 12yrs ago and will say it 4eva. IAM HERE TO STAY.
Am happy living with my best friend.mulewo, mulekele ani darling wange? SINOBANGAKO ELA EWAFFE TETUNOBA MUKIMANYIIRE!!
Munoonye olugambo olulala. Paparazzi,stop calling me asking me about that nonsense,you can do better!

Bobi and Barbie held a lavish wedding last year although they have been together for close to twelve years and together they have three children.

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11 thoughts on “Barbie Blasts Haters

  1. Thats cool name sake dont let the devil take away the gd things u ve gotten, no retreat no surrender ,WEN A GHETTO CHIC GETS GOIN NO BODY I SAID NO BODY LL LET HER DWN so u gonna move watever the rumour

  2. Ok then, let it be. We are just readers, its upto them to do how they wish.
    We read when they wed…………and we shall always be readers ok….! lol

  3. Wow….thanks Barbie for standing firm and come out to show that Bobi is the best Man forever.

    Abatabagariza bafuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…and for us who love you …are always happy to see you together…

  4. nyabo twakowa we dont care oba u separate oba u dont thats yo marriage yo bussiness ok;;;;;lol…….

  5. if they r jus rumaz then dnt stress! lyf is nt a bed of roses so, in marriges conflicts tezibulamu! never say never thoz too many words myt back-fire on u, Owyz fyt 4wat is yoz bt silently! remember silence is GOLD!

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