Live Bullets, Tear Gas Rock Mbarara As Army, Police Block Dr Besigye

FDC Supporters Sitting On The Board Of Besigye's Car Dare Police In Mbarara Town


FDC Supporters Sitting On The Board Of Besigye’s Car Dare Police In Mbarara Town

Police and the army from the second division in the western district of Mbarara have this morning blocked Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye from travelling to Kabale a couple of days after he was prevented from touring Kampala city alongside Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The FDC strong man was on his way to Kabale where he was slated to attend a burial when all this happened.

Heavily armed security intercepted the FDC leader along the High Street in Mbarara town and ordered him out of his Land Cruiser or he be coerced out.


One Of The Mambas That Surrounded Besigye’s Car

As the tension ensued, word spread around Mbarara town like wild fire about what was happening to   the FDC leader and within a split of time; his supporters had already stormed the town to rescue him.

The crowd that had gathered to rescue Besigye soon lost their patience, turned violent and started pelting the police with stones sparking off a violent exchange between the two.

Live bullets and tear gas were used as the police tried to disperse the enraged crowd forcing people along the street to close their shops.

However, according to police mouth piece Judith Nabakooba, the FDC is to blame for the confusion saying he “is the one who parked in the middle of the road.”


Supporters Of Dr Besigye Had Gathered In Large Numbers

We did not arrest him. He just stopped in the middle of the road and started addressing people. We had to clear the way for other road users. But after negotiations he proceeded with his journey,” she added.

Dr Kiiza Besigye has in the recent past been involved in running battles with the police during political activities in the capital, Kampala recently.

During the week Uganda was marking her fifty years of independence, Besigye and other opposition leaders were placed under prevent arrest by the police for fear they would disrupt the festivities.







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  1. Who actually won the last presidential elections? M7 will have a run for his dimes as long as KB is still here.

    1. But why doesn’t the government apply the laws on Dr. Besigye if he is in a wrong? We are fed up of him.

  2. The authorities have no strategy against Besigye.What they are actually doing is publicising and campaigning for KB. In all the instances if you use tear gas and gun shots you have lost it ,because you are harrassing the civilians not KB. Besigye knows this and it is working for him.Someone needs to wake up otherwise the electorate will fire you at you at the polls(rigging will be the option as usual)

  3. Nabakooba dont waste time telling lies. When all these buses and Kamunyes have ignored things like speed governors and seat belts whwat has the Police done. Now you pretend to keep the law when Besigye ‘blocks’ the road. Who believes you any more??

  4. It is a shame That KB and team are confusing and causing Losses for the masses of Uganda , their Hidden Agenda ,they need to be Honest Christians God Please forgive these persons.

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