Battle Of Champions: Chameleone Salutes Goodlyfe

Jose Chameleone

Self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameloene praised Radio and Weasel for the excellent performance while taking on Bebe Cool at the battle of champions.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

The show successfully took place Friday night at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

“I am proud to be part of the Radio and weasel team, I had a blast at the battle. I was the biggest believer before the world accepted their  talent!.Even when they fail, they are a winners to me,” Chameleone happily said shortly after the show.

The Goodlyfe performed most of their club hit songs and were so impressive and consistent but Bebe cool still showed maturity and proved to them that he is indeed Big size and experienced.

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3 thoughts on “Battle Of Champions: Chameleone Salutes Goodlyfe

  1. This is the solidarity we want to see between our musicians, @ Doctor Chamili thanks for the team spirit after all they are from your lineage….Long live Leone Island! Long live Weasel and Radio.

  2. Indeed Dr.C,your a teacher.
    From all the pupils you have graduated,non of them is un employed.
    Some body ask who are those pupilS?Gudlife

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