Bebe Cool’s Hammer In DMC

Gagamel Phamily boss Moses Ssali famously known by his stage name Bebe Cool cannot brag about his monster Hummer since it’s in a dangerous mechanical condition.

Bebe Cool's Hummer is in a terrible shape
Bebe Cool’s Hummer is in a terrible shape

He can only brag that he is the husband to NTV Life Stories presenter Zuena Kirema and on how he survived Centenary Park bullets and Kyadondo bomb blasts.

“The car is in a bad state and it can’t be driven because the front tyre is in tatters,” confirmed the snoops.

Snoops have also revealed that the car was abandoned on one of the roads in Kololo where it has been for some days now.


Being one of the high maintenance cars, it’s not clear how fast Bebe Cool will repair his car since he has resorted to hiring cheap cars whenever he is going for a gig.

Since Bebe Cool is one of the most creative artistes he might decide to apply his betting skills to get quick money that will help him repair his ‘Big Size car’ but he needs your prayers because the Muhindi might take his little stake.

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  1. Such statements are made by people who have never owned a car coz it’s normal for it to break down.sorry brother

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