The year was 2014, December to be precise. TV and social media were awash with trailers of what could be Uganda’s most star-studded cast ever assembled for a television Production.

A combination of our entertainment industry’s juggernauts namely; Flavia Tumusiime, Cedric Babu Ndilima, Gaetano Kagwa, Natasha Sinayobye, Hellen Lukoma, Daniel Omara, Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi, Susan Nava, Deedan Muyira, Rabadaba, Michael Wawuyo Jr, Eleanor Nabwiso, Muheesi Baraba, Nana Kagga, Doreen Mirembe and Vince Musisi to mention but a few.

Nana and Meme Kagga’s names were at the tip of everyone’s lips for being behind its production and only 2 episodes after it aired it disappeared from Television leaving hundreds of fans yearning for more.

In December 2014, all pre-recorded material and equipment for episodes 3–12 of season one was stolen from storage during the end of the shoot wrap party. This brought the show to a very sudden hiatus after re-airing the first and second episode. What was meant to be a celebration of Uganda’s biggest production ended in tears and tatters.

Knowing how big the mission was, reshooting of the missing episodes began in January 2015 and aired in July 2016, but did not get the same buzz as they did the first time. This was probably due to the long wait for the series to grace our screens again.

It wasn’t all gloom though, BTL was shortlisted for the prestigious 2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for Best Television Series. “Daddy’s Girls” – a thirty minutes Nigerian sit-com about the challenges of a male single parent emerged winner. However, after all the show had been through, making it to AMC awards was in itself a victory over adversity.

In August 2020, Beneath the Lies signed a partnership with e’ebo World – a global video streaming platform based in Uganda to start airing the complete first season on its platform.

The e’ebo model is a familiar one. Create or sign in to your account with your phone number and add credit just as you would on mobile money. Once credited, you pay once and own your personal copy of the video for good. If you wish to download a copy of your video purchased simply download the app on google play store. The IOS app will be available for download soon

Beneath the Lies joins e’ebo’s top sellers consisting of Music videos (Ninda by Sheebah, Romantic by Feffe Bussi), Movies (Judas Kiss), e’ebo Original Productions (INSIDE A PASS 2020, Ombokolo TV) and Online concerts (Black Market Online concert that was headlined by Daddy Andre, Bruno K and Angella Katatumba) all available at or on the e’ebo android app.

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