Besigye Declares Himself ‘President’

FDC President Kiiza Besigye

Out going Forum for Democratic Change President Dr. Kiiza Besigye has declared himself ‘President’ of Kampala City.

The opposition strong man made this alarming revelation yesterday while addressing a press conference at Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s office on Thursday.

FDC President Kiiza Besigye

“The city has been electing me as their president. I am the legitimate president of Kampala. Museveni has never beaten me in the race for Kampala during presidential elections,” Besigye bragged.

It should be recalled that although the FDC President has been thumped overall by President Museveni in the past three general elections, he beat the latter in Kampala by 254,483 (50.2%) votes against Museveni’s 240,681 (47.5%) in 2001 and 229,527 (46.86%) against Museveni’s 225,698 (46.08%) in last year’s poll.

It’s against this background that hoarse voiced Besigye claims he deserves the title, ‘President’ of Kampala though the leaders of the Capital are known.

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26 thoughts on “Besigye Declares Himself ‘President’

  1. The fact that Ugandans voted for him(KB ) overwhelmingly in towns and rural areas in 2006 he didn’t manage to protect his victory.

    KB is waiting for that day when m7 is to give him power on a silver platter, something that might not happen.
    He should therefore pay the price as his senior did. But this time not the bush as there are no war bushes in Uganda.

    He shouldn’t be reduced to city president alone. Actually it’s a sign of being non visionary, wake up KB!

    1. what are you talking about,for your information this guy isn’t standing again as a presidential candidate,please revise your comment

  2. Its a shame that Besigye has reduced himeslf to being a mere president of a city othet than striving for greator glory. this means that lukwago is answerable to Besigye that is the reason he was taking him to tour roads constructed by musisi. no wonder Kawesi woke up earlier than they had thought. presidential elections are not about who wins the city or town but the whole country,it is good to confesss that he has only beaten M7 in kampala and not by a million votes. To me these are kicks of a dying horse.. what a pity that the lord mayor has lost truck,at city hall. does Lukwago think that he was voted only by opposition supporters? Has he forgotten people from differenyt political parties voted him with the hope he had something to deliver to kampala in terms of developments? No wonder that is why people have shifted their goal posts to Musisi’s office because she is more focused than the so called Lord Mayor.NB. Lukwago SHOULD separate politics from development

  3. He couldnt get rural support because they are dumb they dont know how the economy works they belive in the president to change everything but we cannot blame them.

  4. From a Ugandan Presidential aspirant down to a Kampala District Ambition!. This is a real lack of vision, and it explains why he has all along lost elections. Now it is clear that the claims of election rigging were just scapegoats.

  5. My man, its not good to die without being president. at least the ‘president’ of kla, like the ghetto president ahh!

  6. Note, there is no single village in Uganda where police and army men don’t beat people in order for any NRM candidate to win the election, and a mere appearance KB on the campaign is a blessing for either FDC,DP or Suubi thats a trend you can’t deny

  7. Bravo KB,

    Remember the 1980 elections, your current rival did not even get not more than 1 percent.

    Welcome as our ‘president’ of Kampala.


  8. Whatever the case, I will always rally behind strong men like Besigye. Besigye, me and my entire family, relatives, friends and in laws will always vote for u as long as u contest.

  9. Oooooh so all this time he fought so he could die president! There we go again hhhhhhhhmmmm would he also have been a dictator ? Have a great Retirement you shall go in the books of history and your legacy will live on. You were a true grinding wheel in modern Ugandan dirty politics?

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