BITTER!!! Royals Furious over Komuntale’s ‘Nudity’

Over the weekend, Tooro Kingdom princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale posted a sexy picture on her Facebook wall having a good time with pals.


In the picture, the gorgeous princess was clad in a two piece bikini showing off her royal curves and sexy figure while enjoying cocktail drinks with her girlfriends in a swimming pool.

Much as most of her fans and followers; especially dudes (for obvious reasons) are pleased with her assets, there are those that don’t do not agree.

Info coming in from the kingdom is that elders in the ruling clan are furious about the way Komuntale is exposing her ‘flesh’ to the whole world.

According to inside sources, some of the elders could not believe their eyes when they learnt that their princess was showing off her royal assets to the world.

The source adds that they were furious and called for a meeting to discuss her moral conduct arguing that that is not how a princess should dress.

They believe that this could be one of the reasons her marriage to American Thomas Christopher failed because doesn’t know how behave and respect herself as a royal.

Lately, Komuntale has been posting revealing pictures of her sexy self after getting back in shape because she feels more confident of her smashing body.

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