Cameroon Gitawo Breaks Silence Katsha Jail Saga

TMT Boss Cameroon Gitawo

Today Morning, Social Media sites were filled with the news of jailing South African based Ugandan Tycoon Katumba Shaffiq well known as Katsha on charges of fraud.

katsha arrested

Our highly placed sources reveal that Katsha was arrested with other four Ugandans on Wednesday evening and detained at Sandton police station.

Being a Member of TMT Africa, his partners have broken the silence on the Issue.

While speaking to Cameroon Gitawo the TMT boss, he said he has been on a business trip and he knows less on what has been going on.

TMT Boss Cameroon Gitawo
TMT Boss Cameroon Gitawo

“I was on a business trip so I don’t know much but I will inquire and know what exactly happened,” said Gitawo.

Gitawo revealed that if it’s true, the TMT management will sit and caution the members involved.

“If the allegations come out to be true, action will be taken because TMT Africa has a name to protect,”

Efforts to contact another TMT member, Meddie Ssentongo were futile since our calls to his known mobile number went unanswered.

money team

TMT Africa is an organization of young and shrewd entrepreneurs that aim at motivating the youth to work hard such that they can contribute to the growth of the economy.

TMT Music promotions, a record label under TMT Africa will be launched on December 30 at the industrial area Club Guvnor under the Theme Money & Gold party.

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