Blair is the world’s worst terrorist: Family of dead UK soldier

Blair is the world’s worst terrorist: Family of dead UK soldier

The sister of a British soldier killed in the Iraq war has called former UK prime minister Tony Blair the world’s “worst terrorist” after hearing the Chilcot inquiry report into the UK role in the 2003 Iraq invasion.

“There is one terrorist that the world needs to be aware of and his name is Tony Blair, the world’s worst terrorist,” said Sarah O’Connor, the sister of Bob O’Connor who died in Iraq in 2005, at a press conference called by some of the dead soldiers’ families.

“When he (Blair) gave his evidence, it was definitely the Tony Blair show. He thinks he’s the puppet master pulling the strings,” she said.

She made clear that her family, along with a number of other families, would take legal action against Blair.

O’Connor said terrorists killed my brother, but “in that sentence of terrorists, I include Mr Blair.”

The Chilcot inquiry report said that military action was “not a last resort” and that the UK chose to go to war before the peaceful options had been exhausted.

Blair, a lost soul

The father of another soldier killed in the war said that Blair tried to write his own Iraq war report that was “completely” different from Chilcot report as he tried to defend his decision for the Iraq invasion during a press conference.

Roger Bacon, whose son Matthew died in the Iraqi city of Basra in 2005, said he was “amazed” while listening to Blair’s statement that was a response to Chilcot report released earlier on Wednesday.

This file photo taken on July 30, 2009 shows John Chilcot, the Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry, outlining the terms of reference for the inquiry. ©AFP

“I began to feel that actually what was happening was that I was hearing Iraq Report Mark II – one that was completely different to the report Sir John Chilcot has just published,” said Bacon, a former police officer.

Bacon said the former premier’s statement was a “huge justification” for his decisions as he clearly ignored what had happened in Iraq and what was happening there now.

Blair “certainly misled us into believing that this [the Iraq war] was for a just and right cause,” he also said.

Bacon said Blair seemed like a “lost” person despite his “strident” tone during the press conference, “He doesn’t seem to know where he is at.  Does anybody take him seriously?  The impression you get is that he is a bit of a lost soul.”

“He knows things aren’t right, but he’s got to justify his actions and make it appear that he was right and everyone else was wrong,” he added.

Blair said at the press conference that he accepts “full responsibility” for the decision, admitting that the invasion was based on wrong intelligence.

He expressed sorrow for the death of thousands of people, adding, however, that “the world was and is in my judgment a better place without Saddam Hussein.”

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