Blood-stained Panamera Re-Opens For Business

Relatives of the killed Panamera bar and Lounge waiter Badru Kateregga (RIP) received the news of its re-opening with sadness and disbelief.

According to snoops, Kateregga’s family friends and relatives can’t believe how the blood-stained bar would re-open without anyone being brought to book on how their son was mysteriously killed. “We want Police to explain where the top suspect is hiding.

How did they authorise the bar’s re-opening without at least telling us how the investigations went and who is responsible? This is pure injustice,” one anonymous family member intimated. It should be noted that the Naguru based hangout which was closed last month was re-opened on Tuesday evening for business again.

Snoops failed to get details on who authorised it to start operating again and who is currently running it since its known proprietor Desh Andrew Kananura hasn’t surfaced in public ever since that fateful evening when Kateregga lost his life. However, scanty details reveal that two suspects identified as Cyrus Muganda, 28 and Jacob Onyango, 32, are being detained at unknown places to help in investigations. Meanwhile, Police opened case file number CR2830/2012 and SD28/30/9, 2012 of manslaughter and assault, respectively against Desh since several witnesses that night allege that he was central in the death of his waiter and torturing of several others.

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19 thoughts on “Blood-stained Panamera Re-Opens For Business

    1. Stop this impunity! Where are the workers’ MPs??? And to imagine that patrons will be served bites that shared the chopping board with poor bloodied corpses? But above all, if the police fails to seal off this place until suspected Murderer Desh and co. are brought to book, it will be unfortunate!

  1. Guys calm down! panamera has several share holders who should not all be treated as Desh, the law is clear, panamera cannot remain a crime scene for ever, if a car knocks you on lugogo bypass should it remain closed as a murder scene? under stand the law? Desh shall be brought to book let him come out and give his statement and we see! stop passing judgement yet we need to know the truth? We should not throw stones when we live in glass houses but should be more confident than ever that the truth will come out and judgement will prevail.

    1. lucy your comments are sickening,the guy’s blood is still fresh on the chopping boards of panamera bar!! you are just can you compare murder with accident!? i just wish it could happen to one of your own,that’s when you’ll come back to your senses.

  2. No comment, I told you that no one can touch that guy,he seems to be above the law. Wait and see. more to come.

  3. Does the law function for the poor in Uganda my Friend?!!! May be if they are at the ones ‘living in glass houses’!

  4. Lucy,
    Glass houses? What do you mean? This guy and his accomplices are suspected killers. That he was able to leave the country is bad enough without you trying to downplay the loss of a poor man’s life.
    And yes, Lugogo bypass should remain closed as a murder scene for as long as it takes to collect the necessary evidence.
    Bet you’d agree if you were one of the deceased’s relatives? Mubeereko neekisa or nikyenda mugire ‘mbabazi?- Runyankore plays me, but you get the point – be compassionate, or at least pretend to.

  5. don’t say that the guy is above the law, instead say that there’s no law in uganda……What if that innocent guy (RIP) was a son of a prominent minister in uganda, am sure Desh wld be in prison, but enguzi of all people in uganda will make many pple die innocently…..why shldnt the president see this and his so called advisors….Oh God……condolences to the family of the deceased

  6. Things will cool down and Desh will be back.
    Make a statement, claim he forgot the details and probably leave the bouncers to hang.
    They did the kicking didn’t they?

    Life will then move on.

    We’ve seen this script before.
    I for one will not support this place.

  7. Let Panamera be open, i hope the case is not left to rot even if years pass by . One day
    the killers will be brought to book. Trust in the Lord not in people.

  8. My sincere condolences to the bereaved family,this is very bad put yourselves in the shoes of the young dead man and the family.May his blood torment whoever was involved in this murderous/monstrous acts.As a pioneer and good customer of this bar i’m standing with all peace loving Ugandans to shun this bar only until justice is done.

  9. Many views have been expressed here. May the late Kategera’s soul rest in peace!
    That said, i’m perplexed by the number of participants involved in the grave brutality. It paints clearly that Uganda was almost been taken over by mafias and the mob.
    There are people who seem to have a licence to kill. After exploiting these poor men, he beats them to death for a paltry 10,000 shillings. He did not ask the late how he obtained the money, he simply thought he had sold booze to an unwelcome guest. Does that call for a death sentence!!

  10. let him face justice. We do not mind how much money he has because he doesn’t feed no one apart from his kin. Mr KAYIHURA you need to stand up for your poeple and bring this to man justice.How could the bar reopen when the owner(suspect) is still at large. That’s being so an fair to the family of the deceased.

    I personally have written to the human rights committee and the have been following up on all the publications and statements the police has been making in order for them to have a ready file that’s if the uganda police just lets this case pass by. We shall be filing a case in court if they dont.

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