Bloody Fight For Woman Leaves One Dead

A serious fight for a woman erupted at the industrial area Club Guvnor and one person was killed in the scuffle.

Johnnie Ahimbisibwe

According to Club Guvnor, the bloody incident occurred when Ivan Kamyuka aka Ivan Diesel “Iyvo” hit Johnnie Ahimbisibwe aka Johnnie Danzel Jarmaine with a glass.

The deceased was badly hurt and was rushed to the hospital but the will of God defeated science.

Red Pepper online understands that Kamyuka is currently dating Ahimbisibwe’s Ex girlfriend only identified as Nina.

How the Fight Started

Eyewitnesses at the swish club, Guvnor 40+ have revealed to red pepper that Ivan and his girlfriend Nina went to the club to confront Johnnie since they previously had misunderstandings.

Ivan knocked Johnnie on the shoulder and then an argument erupted. Tempers flared and Ivan punched Johnnie.

Johnnie launched verbal artillery on both Ivan and Nina. It’s at this time that Nina Slapped Johnnie. While returning the fire, Johnnie poured his drink on Nina and the glass fell down.

In trying to defend his girlfriend, Ivan picked the broken glass and allegedly hit it on Johnnie’s throat.

Blood gushed out and security was called in to calm down the situation. Lying in a pool of blood helplessly, Johnnie was rushed to Case Clinic but he couldn’t make it. He was pronounced dead.

Ivan Arrested

Club Guvnor yesterday confirmed that Ivan Kamyuka was arrested by the club security and is currently detained at Jinja road police station.

Ivan with Nina and Johnnie's Kid
Ivan with Nina and Johnnie’s Kid

“Ivan Kamyuka who is currently dating Johnnies ex girlfriend was immediately apprehended by the club security team and handed over to Jinja Road police station where he has been detained.”

“We have handed the case over to Uganda Police for the law to take its course. We are assisting the Police in every possible way, including CCTV footage of the incident.”

Genesis Of the bellyache

According to a social media commentator based in Finland, Kakensa Henry Ndugwa, he reveals that the main cause of all this started when Nina denied Jonnie the rights to see their son. Here is what Henry Says;

Johnnie was Nina´s boyfriend from Uganda.

Nina left Uganda and came to Sweden and years later Johnnie also came to Sweden.

The two met again and began their relationship from where they had stopped.

This relationship resulted into a son. Before Johnnie’s Swedish papers were maturely ready, there was a domestic misunderstanding between the two.

The woman came from out late at night and they had a fight.

Nina called the police which led to the cancellation of Johnnie’s stay in Sweden. He was given notice to leave the country.

Johnnie later got another girl friend and went back to Uganda to process his comeback papers which were frustrated by Nina because Johnnie had a record of domestic violence written on him earlier.


When all avenues to come back to Sweden failed, Johnnie started a new life, creating new friends.

Using his little savings he began to trade in garments from Malaysia and China.

Among the new friends he created was Ivan Kamyuka (then not known to Nina)

When Nina finally came to visit Uganda, Johnnie was doing financially well with his garments business and had moved on with a new girlfriend called Marjo.

Out of jealous, Nina did the unexpected; she decided to fall in love with one of her Ex´s best friend and that was Ivan Kamyuka.

In vie to bring him to Sweden Nina got married to Ivan Kamyuka in 2013.

The two began living together while in Kampala.

Nina went ahead to deny Johnnie the paternity right to see his son and told their child to refer to Ivan as Dad.

This child paternity battle started from Sweden when Nina refused to include Johnnie on the child´s birth certificate as a father.

This was intentional because she knew as a father; Johnnie would have a chance to apply for a Swedish visa.

There has been a cold war between these once close friends for 2years now until last night´s incident which led to Nina´s child fatherless.

Johnnie Ahimbisibwe was stabbed with a broken glass in the neck and bled to death.

Ivan Kamyuka is a son to Dr. Fredrick Kakuuba Kamyuka

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