BONE MARROW! Mr. Hyena squeezes juice from fiancée’s sister, gets over dosed

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WHAT WOULD you do if you found your fiancée’s sister lying in your bed putting on nothing but a G-string and waist beads?
It happened to me when I was still renting on Maama Sam’s houses. These houses had momma luck because even the ones I jokingly asked would accept.
I nailed three neighbors and hadn’t it been for Taata Sam to return in the middle of the day, I would have gone beyond fingering Maama Sam.

Meanwhile, I was dating a beauty called Grace, who had a sister called Jacky, a Doris Anywar lookalike.
Unlike most of my in-laws, Jacky liked me so much even when her sister nabbed me on the wrong side of the fence, she would cool her down. Much as I would have loved hitting on Jacky, she knew so much about me to accept, so I thought. How wrong I was! Being the coolest sister-in-law, Jacky passed me three of her campus friends, whom I chewed in gangnam style.
Jacky truly understood me. One day, she came to my work place at the Container Village in town, where I was hustling from, and selling fake agro inputs.

She was in the company of a 20-year-old babe who looks like a twin sister to Tracy Bora.
Jacky asked for the keys to my house that I would meet them at home. People, that meant sharpen your pleasure muscle because with Jacky, it was always a sure deal. I took them to then Shoprite, spent 50k on goodies which they took home. Back at work, a mulalo came looking for Decatex and Supona but left with an ambush version of it.


Several minutes later, a trader from Kamuli took fake agro inputs worth Shs3m. On that deal, I made 600k. What else was I still looking for? I ran to Romeo’s library, picked five VHS movies that included two Blue movies.
Instead of boarding a taxi like I usually do, I jumped on a boda. I got home at around 5pm. Celine Dion’s ‘Immortality’ was playing inside my house as I greeted the neighbors.

I entered my two-room house. “Hullo, anyone home,” I said, peeping in the bedroom. My head was electrocuted on seeing a naked Jacky lying on the bed.

She had washed her dress which was now hanging on a string.
People, my legs lost stamina. I collapsed on the sofa not sure of what to make of this. While part of me was like, ‘don’t dare’, the other was ‘try and fail but don’t fail to try’.

I tiptoed into the bedroom, adjusted myself as much as possible to fit between Jacky’s legs. Without uttering a single word, I sank my head between Jacky’s legs. My long nose moved up and down along her flip flaps as my tongue went deep under. Jacky, who had all along been pretending to be in deep sleep, spread her legs, giving me total access. I pulled the string off, sank as much tongue as possible. Jacky moaned like she had a hiccup and lots of saliva in her mouth. I could see enjoyment in the way she was moving her fingers. She spiced up things by moving her waist erotically. My Canon, which had rioted on first sight, turned into a hard rock, demanding for Jacky’s Kitone, but she had not got enough of the tongue. I gave her a superb tongue job until her supu (soup) from the bowl started dripping on the sheets. Finally, Jacky pulled me on top, locked our lips into a kiss-mania as she helped the Yoyo digest my Tail.

Oooh, Jacky burst out making unprintable sounds as if she was pronouncing Sri Lankan names, at the same time wiggling her waist as if it had a piston. I was forced to push my hands under her body to carry her bums so as to reduce the waist wiggling. The supu had made an oasis on the bed sheets. Jacky started moving her body like a caterpillar and due to too much sweetness, I forgot to control my spoof. Then all of a sudden, I felt a thunderbolt strike my head, it melted my spinal code.

I roared to let Jacky know what I was going through, only for her to bang my back; “don’t stop… don’t dare stop, I feel you Hyena”, but there was no way I could hold it. Not wanting to disappoint, I pulled out and went for kachaps, prompting the kandie to form a lager of retreating yoghurt gel. When the muscle became hard enough, Jacky insulated it once again saying; “let me do it myself.” The chic did wild stuff, targeting various spots that I never knew were crucial in love making.

I had never thought of Jacky screaming so loudly but that was her nature. All of a sudden, a tsunami swept through Jacky’s body, prompting the Ice Cream bowl to puke about two spoons full of bone marrow-like warm fluids, instantly smearing it on the digested chunk of the wonder stick. Jacky collapsed into my chest, her body grew goose bumps and I could feel her supu flowing down to my balls. After several minutes of resting, I turned Jacky for a doggie because I had to examine those pot-like bums. “What is it with guys and doggie?” she asked, as she helped the blind whopper sink in.

All I could answer was, “it’s a guy thing.” Midway in the doggie style, I regretted why I had asked for it in the first place. “Pound it boy… I don’t feel you…use your muscle like a man,” Jackie screamed. Hadn’t it been for the experience I have in satisfying stubborn yoyos, I wouldn’t have given Jacky the second orgasm. At around 9pm, we had supper and intertwined like Siamese twins. Jacky would chew the food then feed me via a kiss. After that, we made love throughout the night.

Since I had more money than what most teachers are paid in over six months, I saw no reason for going to work, so I stayed home and drilled Jacky at any given chance. At night, we even challenged the B-movie actors. Jacky was equally a sex experimenter like me. Even when her sister was around, we would outsmart her and have quickies. Jacky wherever you are, may the Lord grant you your heart’s desires, because you gave me things that Makula cannot even give to Bugingo.

Till then, I remain Yours Truly, Mr. Hyena.




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