BROKE & INCOMPETENT! MPs query Roko’s capacity on Shs13Bn Mulago Hospital renovation project

A section of lawmakers on Parliament’s Health Committee have questioned the capacity of Roko Construction Company to undertake the Shs13.819Bn renovation works at Mulago National Referral Hospital, having been awarded the contract in 2014 and expected to complete works in 2016.

This followed a follow up meeting the Committee held with officials from Mulago National Referral Hospital after an initial on sight visit to the facility in September 2022 where they discovered that despite signing a contract to undertake the works in 2014, Roko Construction Company had abandoned the site and only returned following the oversight of Parliament on 7th October 2022.

First to raise concern was Charles Ayume (Koboko Municipality) who wondered why it took the intervention of Parliament before Roko Construction Company would resume works, that had delayed the elevation of Mulago Hospital into a super specialised hospital.

“The Parliamentary Committee visits on 21st September and a week later, Roko returns on the scene, it says something. So why should we come and electrocute to visit, then Roko remembers that there are works worth Shs13Bn, for me it speaks a lot, I hope this time, they aren’t redundant and will fully work,” said Ayume.

According to Rosemary Byanyima, Acting Executive Director of Mulago National Referral Hospital, Roko Construction Company was awarded the contract to renovate Mulago and the scope of works involved carrying out Civil works Shs2.094Bn, Air conditioning Shs1.309Bn, Electrical installation Shs1.361Bn, plumbing works Shs1.420Bn, medical gases Shs717.335M, ICT installations Shs2.467Bn and other items totaling to Shs13.819Bn.

However, up to date, works are yet to be completed, yet the Ministry of Health that oversaw the award of the contract went ahead and struck another deal with Roko Construction.

The development angered MPs like Elisa Rutahigwa (Rukungiri Municipality) who wondered why the Government has continued to award contracts to Roko yet there is glaring evidence of the Contractor failing to finish works within stipulated timelines like new Parliament Chambers.

Rutahigwa said, “I am failing to understand how big this Roko is because it seems to be everywhere and not doing well and in such a serious area taking on extra work when it is here at parliament and it has got issues everywhere. I don’t know why the procurement person of the hospital isn’t here yet there are issues. I want him to explain whether Roko has been handpicked or it went through the competition?”

The same sentiments were shared by Esther Mbayo (Luuka DWR) who wondered why the Ministry of Health that oversaw the earlier contract in 2014 went ahead and revised the similar contract with Roko Construction instead of selecting a new contractor.

She said, “When you go and sub-contract Roko for the renovation works when the major contract hasn’t been completed, what does that mean? And the Government is putting in a lot of money. There should be value for money.”

The development comes at the time when in July 2022, Parliament controversially approved a proposal to bailout Roko Construction Company with Shs207.93Bn to save the company from looming bankruptcy after accumulating loans from various commercial banks and failing to complete works in its pipeline.

During the scrutiny of the bailout request, Roko Construction Company informed Parliament that it signed contracts worth Shs1.064Trn, and of these, projects worth Shs696.6Bn are funded by government and the indebtedness stalled completion of projects to a tune of Shs292Bn.

The company also revealed that it had accumulated debts to a tune of Shs202.4Bn, Shs46.8Bn to suppliers and subcontractors, the Company owes Shs154.7Bn in terms of loans and Shs130.9Bn in bank guarantees.

The Health Committee is slated to hold a joint meeting between Roko Construction Company, Mulago National Referral Hospital as well as the Ministry of Health on the delays to complete the renovation works.  (DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR

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