Bummy Nwagi Mesmerizes Dubai Tycoons

There is no denying the fact that budding songbird Winnie Nwagi is one of the most fancied babes in town thanks to her curves and ‘bright future’ behind.


However, her insane assets do not only melt city dudes but also filthy rich oil tycoons in Dubai.

Snoops have established the ‘Mbeera’ singer mesmerized a number of Arab tycoons in the United Arab Emirates recently while on a vacation.

Sources reveal that the tycoons couldn’t believe how endowed the singer is and declared their intentions to pierce her bearded meat in vain.

We have established that Nwagi jetted out of town last Friday together with the entire Swangz Avenue team for a retreat/vacation in Dubai aboard Emirates Airline.

Snoops have further learnt that the entire team led by producer Benon Mugumbya, Irene Ntale, Coke rated Next winner Joel Kisakye, artistes manager Vero, Swangz Avenue general manager Cathy, Marvin, Ivan and Dickson the label’s sound man were treated to a fun filled vacation.

The Swangz Avenue party in Dubai was to celebrate the label’s success of last year and they are scheduled to return to Uganda this evening.

The tycoons spotted Nwagi at one of Dubai’s elite restaurants-Junoon Asian Restaurant where she was dining with the entire Swangz Avenue team.

Sources add that the tycoons were so smitten that they offered the curvy Nwagi to perform at their mansions on a private arrangement to no avail as she insisted she was there to relax not to work.

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