Burkinabe Army Sets Leadership Deadline For Opposition

Col Zida has been under pressure to restore civilian rule

Col Zida has been under pressure to restore civilian rule
Col Zida has been under pressure to restore civilian rule

Burkina Faso’s military ruler has told activist groups they have until Sunday afternoon to provide a list of candidates for interim national leader.

Lt Col Isaac Zida agreed a transition plan with civilian political groups on Thursday, but no leader was named.

The groups have agreed to submit a list of candidates to a 23-member council, which will then select a single leader.

Col Zida took over from long-time leader Blaise Compaore, who was ousted after mass street protests in October.

But then protests erupted against army rule after Col Zida suspended the constitution and cracked down on dissent.

International bodies threatened sanctions unless civilian rule was restored.

A deal was reached on Thursday to install an interim legislative chamber and a transitional leader until elections are organised next year.

In a communique on Saturday, Col Zida said civilian groups had until noon on Sunday to provide a list of candidates to serve as interim president.

He also said the constitution was back in force in order to “allow the start of the establishment of a civilian transition”.

Under the charter agreed on Thursday, the interim president will be chosen by a special college composed of religious, military, political, civil and traditional leaders.

The president will then name a prime minister to appoint a 25-member government.

The charter is expected to be enacted after the list of candidates has been received.

Mr Compaore first seized power in a coup in 1987 and went on to win four disputed elections.

The protests were triggered by his plan to amend the constitution so that he could run for office again in elections next year.


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