BUSINESS: Kakira Factory to Start Refining Sugar

Kakira GM Mr.Christian ,Minister Anite and the Company Corporate Affairs Manager Eswar

Officials from Kakira Led by GM Mr.Christian with Minister Anite last week

JInja – Kakira Sugar Works Ltd a subsidiary of the Madhvani Group of Companies, the largest conglomerate in Uganda is set to start producing refined sugar which was Uganda’s highly imported commodity.

Sugar in more refined forms is needed in the sweetening of soft drinks, also an essential element in the manufacture of drugs especially medicinal syrups for children.

In a joint press conference with the Investment minister Evelyn Anite, the group’s director for corporate affairs, Mr K .P. Eswar revealed that the company will be producing between 35,000 and 50,000 metric tonnes of pharmaceutical sugar every year.

Eswar added that with the Buy Uganda Build Uganda Policy, government should safeguard local producers against imported refined sugar.

‘’We need protection from the government as manufacturers. Some countries produce large quantities of products and the surplus is dumped in our market. Our production shall increase depending on the demand’’, said Eswar.

On her side, State Minister for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite after touring the plant, said Uganda has been importing refined sugar even when it has the capacity of producing enough sugar.

Anite said the Corona-virus has opened up our eyes because Uganda has been importing most of its items.

Kakira GM Mr.Christian ,Minister Anite and the Company Corporate Affairs Manager Eswar

‘’I commend you for listening to the President’s call of refining sugar. We have been having a lot of importation even when we have all this capacity of sugar in the country but we did not have pharmaceutical grade sugar and that we could use in soft drinks. I visited Coca-Cola industry and their refined sugar was imported from Egypt’’, said Anite.

Last year, President Museveni reiterated that Uganda would overcome importation of refined sugar by ensuring that it is processed locally.

‘’For me, Kakira is a model Industry and all other manufacturers should emulate. We have the buy Uganda build Uganda policy, the country is industrializing,’’ Anite added as toured the sweets and confectionery factory later.

On the issue of Kakira Klean sanitizers, KSL General Manager, Christian Vinckie said the use of sanitizers increased due to the outbreak of corona-virus disease (COVID-19) which came with a recommendation for the population to constantly sanitize.

Only 20 out of 45 (44 per cent) sanitizer brands tested by the National Drug Authority (NDA) recently had an alcohol content of 60percent or above, with a capability to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms as stated on the labels.

Among those that have passed the quality tests include the Kakira Klean manufactured in Uganda at Kakira.

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