BYE-BYE JACK! Pemba’s Sweetheart Sheeba moves on for good

Sheebah and Mwandha

Sheebah and Mwandha

Wherever self-proclaimed Kampala tycoon cum big spender Jack Pemba is, only God knows!

Snoops are worried at how the party animal has seemingly gone (Away without Official Leave) AWOL, because the way he has been quiet of late is slightly concerning.

But while Pemba, who is a Tanzanian keeps in hibernation, word coming in indicates that his once most loved live–in bonkmate Sheeba Kassami has moved on for good this time.

Snoops reveal that Sheeba secretly hooked up with 3D services tycoon, Timothy Wampa Mwandha and we can exclusively reveal that she is tasting new waters with him.


Sheeba and Timo were sighted having a good time in Fort Portal over the weekend where the two were very inseparable.


Snoops intimated that Sheeba scooped a deal under her SPK clothing line to provide fashion designs to models who participated in the Tooro Kingdom cultural fashion during the Tooro Kingdom’s Ekyooto Empago festival.


Sheeba and Timo spent the weekend at Hotel Nyaika, doing things that people in new love enjoy doing to themselves.


According to snoops, Timo is bankrolling her fashion business and footing some of the bills since Pemba is no longer in the picture.


It should be noted that when Sheeba was still in a relationship with Pemba, he once organized a birthday bash for her, at which he flew in Koffi Olomidde as guest of honour after paying him USD50,000.


Pemba spent close to Shs200m at the party that was exclusive to only 300 people, who enjoyed snacks and booze at Sheraton hotel based Rwenzori ballroom.

Afrigo band pocketed Shs20m while Iryn Namubiru took Shs5m, as main performers at the bash.

But just a few days after the lavish birthday bash, the High court Commercial Division issued an arrest warrant for Pemba who was to be presented before then Acting Registrar Festo Nsenga, over failure to clear a loan of USD300,000 roughly Shs1080,000,000, which he had borrowed from tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, through Sheeba.

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