Chapatti Seller Disappears With 13-year-old Girl

Police in Bukomansimbi is looking for a 30 year old man who is believed to have disappeared with a 13-year old girl.


The man Monday Muzzi is thought to have had a sexual relationship with the 13-year old girl for some time before they disappeared.

The couple has been missing since Sunday.

Grace Nabuguzi, the girl’s mother, says she had received information several times that her daughter had been lured into a relationship by a casual labourer called Muzzi.

She was shocked to be informed on Sunday that Muzzi had been seen with her daughter at a bar in Kilyasaka Village before the couple retired to a lodge for the night.

Nabuguzi says she has not heard from her daughter since that Sunday afternoon.

Residents of Kilyasaka Village claim that Muzzi, who also sells chapattis, has been notorious for seducing students by offering them chapattis. He then proceeds to initiate a relationship.

Muzzi has also not been seen since Sunday either.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Noah Sserunjoji, says that police has started looking for Muzzi and the minor.

Nabuguzi’s daughter is a primary four pupil of Buyembe Primary School in Bukomasimbi district.

Muzzi and the child are from Kilyasaka Village, Kigangazi Parish in Kibinge Sub County in Bukomansimbi district.

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