CHARITY! Mr. Hyena saves stranded savedee babe, gets double blessings

I WONDER what I will tell the almighty on the judgment day.

It scares me and makes me think that my whopper is an assured visa to hell. I thought about this seriously and I decided to make things better with my lord, by being a frequent in church. One good Sunday, a very cute babe walked to the pulpit and confessed that she had been selling her yoyo to almost all the villagers and was now ready to repent.

This babe, was about seven months pregnant and did not know the father of her unborn baby. The girl gave her testimony and it was all touching. I felt a holy voice inside me pestering me to give this cutie the support I can.

 After the service, I walked to her and assured her that I would accommodate her and give her all the necessary support for her and the unborn baby.

“Oh praise God, I am called Spelanza, and you?”she asked,  smiling from ear to ear.

 “I am Hyena,” I answered.  Anyway, I welcomed her into my room, bought for her every type of food she wanted to eat. Since I did not have an extra mattress,  I agreed with my sister in Christ that she would sleep on the mat until I got enough money to buy an extra mattress. On the fourth day, in my home, she began wearing skimpy maternity dresses that could expose her bums and knickers. I was not taken up because she was my sister in Christ.

 You see in the Pentecostal church, it is unacceptable to develop sexual feelings for any member of the church. My worry then,  was to get money to buy her a mosquito net since she was pregnant, probably a mattress and a blanket,  because she was covering her body with her dress.

 Sometimes,  I would wake up late in the night and find her fighting with the mosquitoes, I felt really concerned.

After her twelfth day in my house, it rained so heavily. We ate supper and slept. Then at around midnight, she woke me up saying that something was biting her. She told me that it was because she was not used to sleeping on the mat without a mattress. She started crying saying that she wanted to come up and sleep with me. At first, I refused because I feared she would doubt my faith. She requested me to be kind to her, and I accepted. She came up and we covered our bodies under the same blanket. We did it for three days, and nothing happened. But on the fourth day, I started feeling her warmth and her nipples started piercing me. Still nothing happened. On the fifth day, she slept while crossing  her legs with mine, and I cuddled her fat belly. She did not say a word, instead she unzipped my trouser and held my whopper in her hands. She gave me a tremendous hand job. I was very high. She then got a condom from her money purse, dressed my stiff whopper without saying a word. She then sat on my whopper and started bumping herself. She did it while rubbing her nipples vigorously and screaming, “Hyena I love you ooh ooh.”

I did not say a word. She jumped off, pushed two of her fingers into her Kandahar and smeared the waters on my whopper then made several circles with her fingers on my lips. It felt so sensational. I then inserted my fingers into her for about ten minutes, she screamed, “brother Hyena I love you so much.” I fingered her seriously till she got her orgasm. When she was done, I moved her and bonked her missionary style. After about 10 minutes, I felt my spoof flowing out, I removed my whopper, ripped off the condom and wanked myself on her Kandahar entrance. She got up immediately and cleaned my whopper with a piece of cloth. It stood up again, I insulated  it and inserted it again.

 This time Kandahar was too hot. I bonked her for more than ten minutes and started breathing heavily. This time I bonked her roughly till she screamed “ayi, ayi, brother Hyena, onzita.” But she was not arriving yet I wanted her to  explode and we call it a day. I pushed her against the wall and turned her for a goatee.

This time she released juices, sticky like office super glue. “Brother Hyena, webale naye nkusaba onyongere kubanga nkufiraako,” (thanks brother but I wanted some more I am dying for you) she said. She positioned herself for a doggie and widened her Kandahar hole.

 I shafted her mercilessly until she screamed aloud. I felt myself pouring out,  so I removed my whopper and wanked outside again.

 The magma this time splashed the entire room including on her face. She jumped off the bed and picked my pair of  trousers, used it to clean her face and came back on the bed. The whole room smelt magma and Kandahar juices.

I pushed her down for another missionary. I bumped her this time so fast and her Kandahar went saying po po po. She tried to push me off her body but I couldn’t let her go. This time I heard about a million babies crying from my whopper going down to her Kandahar. She started screaming on top of her voice that yaaaaaaaaaa. We had double orgasms. She cleaned my whopper and we began talking. She told me that she loved me so much and there was no way she would express that love to me rather than okumpako (give me). She said since she came to my house she was sniffing my pants and trousers whenever I was away.

From that day on, we bonked with each other every night. I asked her what I would call the baby she was going to produce and she just laughed.

I told her that, if she calls me Mwami, the baby she was going to deliver would be my son. When she got her labour pains, she ran away from my home and I have never seen her again. Sister Spelanza, I know you are reading this, let us meet tomorrow on the same page, same time.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr. Hyena

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