ChipperCash App to allow Ugandans send mobile money freely

By Tonny Akankwatsa

A Ugandan IT guru, Ham Sserunjoji has established new means of sending and sharing mobile money in Africa.

Transferring money across borders has been mainly dominated by Western Union and Moneygram. Western Union for is the biggest money transfer provider worldwide and gives you many ways to transfer funds. However, Moneygram possesses the speed advantage. Other include mobile money, M-Pesa but “Chipper Cash will out stand them all,” Ham confidently said on social chat.

The new cross-border mobile money platform is hitting the market. Through it, users can send and receive money from foreign countries at no cost.

The public will be now freely send digital money from mobile to mobile via an android application he called ChipperCash. The established monetary transaction method will be used to send money as an international platform using mobile phones.

Ham Serunjogi co-founder of Chipper Cash with a friend.

“Chipper Cash will facilitate completely free and instantaneous peer-to-peer payments, both within a country as well as from one country to another,” said Sserunjogi.

Sserunjoji has established the latest transaction means after a long thoughtful research experienced in San Fransisco, United States of America.

The service is by-far used by 70,000 users in the five countries with 35,000 users coming from Uganda. Ed Mageba, Executive Director of Chipper Technologies said Uganda has the biggest users because it has highest number of people transacting through mobile money in Africa.

Ed on behalf of the company said, their aim is to reach one million users before end of 2019. He says they want to improve on the financial inclusion in Africa, connecting Africa to the rest of the world.

“This is an ambitious target but one we strongly believe we will achieve given the quality of our platform,” said Ed.

This is likely to be the very first innovation initiative in Africa. Apparently, the transactions application is already being and to be used in seven nations in Africa, among others is; Uganda and Tanzania.

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