Court Halts Media Reporting on Kaweesi Murder

Court Halts Media Reporting on Kaweesi Murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

High court in Kampala has today issued an interim injunction barring journalists and media houses from running stories concerning last month’s gruesome murder of the former AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi.

“An order is hereby issued against the Respondents and their agents from publishing any stories/information in as far as the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi until the main application is heard and determined,” court statement reads in part.

This website understands that court has set 21st August, 2017 as the date to hear the main application. This means no media house is allowed to publish any story about the late Kaweesi until then when court will determine whether to continue with the ban or chill it.

“The intention is to gag the media so that security agencies can get a breather and carry out their investigation with no pressure. Otherwise, I doubt that even the IGP himself is interested in the whole fight with the media,” court registra says in the statement.

It should be noted that IGP Kale Kayihura recently sworn an affidavit saying that continuous publication of these stories includes confidential internal correspondence amongst security agencies on the murder investigations of AIGP Kaweesi and that it is injurious to the ongoing investigations and more so bound to jeopardize the security of Uganda.

He therefore wanted court to ban Red Pepper and other online news sites that have continuously published stories concerning Kaweesi’s murder.

Unfortunately, the final ban affects the media at large and social media bandits.

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